1. Jultsu

    Immediate crash/reboot after "acpi sleep states s3 s4 s5" on x79 Asrock with 10.13 installer

    As per title, I cannot even get to the High Sierra installer no matter what I do. Running an Asrock X79 extreme6 motherboard with i7-3930k overclocked at 4200MHz. 8x4GB ddr3 sticks @2133MHz. I have a working 10.12.6 Sierra install on my Samsung Pro 840 SSD drive and I don't recall having this...
  2. inecrafter

    [SOLVED]Clevo N850HK1 ACPI patches (see #14)

    I want to install Sierra on my laptop (Clevo N850HK1), and I've got the system and the built in HID working so far. My next step was going to be turning off the dGPU, but I ran into a problem I can't solve. The guide for doing so, as seen here, tells me to patch my DSDT/SSDT, and refers to the...
  3. giofox

    GA-X58A-UD3R -- Sierra 10.12.6 -- Kernel Panic ACPI

    Hello people, I have an old motherboard and I wanted to install the Sierra 10.12.6. Everything was perfect until this kernel panic message. Thank you very much for your time
  4. JPSgfx

    [SOLVED] AppleACPICPU timeout when booting from disk, not happening from USB.

    Hi, I am following this guide to install Sierra: However, I Have a few problems: I have a GTX 1070 instead of a 970, therefore the FakeSMC that is installed by multibeast doesn't work with my graphics card...
  5. visserjs

    Hanging at Apple logo during initial clover boot

    Hi all! I'm just getting back into the CustoMac scene after a long time away and am still pretty lost while trying to get my bearings again. I've built a system using recommended hardware (Asus H270F, Core i5 7400, Intel HD graphics), created my bootable usb using the guide on this site and...
  6. FelixFrog

    Can't boot Mac os Sierra (

    I am trying to install mac os sierra. When i try to boot (verbose) it stops on " kmod start". First I wasn't thinking the problem was it because some lines up there are some errors like "ACPI Error: [_SB_.PCI0.RP01.PXSX] Namespace lookup failure...
  7. krosseyed

    [SOLVED] Close Lid -> No Audio or Brightness control

    I have almost completed a Hack build using a Dell Inspiron (2-in-1) 5378. I want to share my build instructions so others can enjoy a quick installation on this device. However, I keep running into a problem after closing and opening the lid, it no longer sends or receives audio and the...
  8. niki199757

    A lot of errors when compiling edited DSDT

    Hello, my hardware is: ASUS ZenBook UX430UA (new) - Intel Core i5-7200U, Intel HD Graphics 620 (no dedicated GPU) and 8 GB RAM if it depends on. At first: I don't want to install any version of OS X to my notebook, but I need your help, please (I didn't find community that can help me like...
  9. tribalt

    [Solved] High temperatures in macOS, however fine in Linux

    Hi All, I've been running Linux without any problems, however when running macOS Sierra my temperatures are out of control. I've tried reading up on generating SSDTs, playing with "Enable C states" and "Enable P states" in clover, but none of this seems to help. It definitely isn't a cooling...
  10. gewof

    Sierra: Unable to find driver 1672

    Hi, I just bought a new motherboard from buyer's guide and tried to follow this tutorial: But right after I select in Clover installation USB i get this error: os sierra problem by gewof posted Jun 29, 2017 at 12:22 AM My BIOS settings are set to defaults, only changed as instructed in...
  11. kirkfletcher

    Severe slowdown after leaving alone for 10 mins: HELP Please!

    Ok, so this may be a little tricky to explain but here goes:- My specs: H170m-D3H, i5 6600, 16gb, 850 EVO, GTX 970, Sierra 10.12.5, SysDef 17,1 System runs beautifully, clean, smooth and has NEVER crashed! it's a joy to use, however..... If I walk away from my computer and leave for around 10...
  12. Tacchan

    Fan not working properly

    Hi. My laptop fan doesn't work properly. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not. The only way to ensure it starts, it's to overheat the PC and then reboot. Booting up fan will for sure start. I've been told I had ACPI patched wrong, so I re-patched my DSDT. What else can I do? Here below...
  13. kingofkind12

    [Solved] Sierra Install. ACPI Kernal Panic

    Specs: Intel i5 4690k MSI Gaming 5 Z97 16gb Kingston HyperX Fury Ram PNY CS1111 120gb SSD MSI GTX 970 I have previously had success with this setup before with 10.12.x, but had to drop macOS for linux for a short while. Trying to come back to macOS now and have been running into issues with...
  14. NicolaeA

    HP Envy 13 d006

    Hello! I manage to install MacOS Sierra on my laptop and now I want to patch the dsdt and ssdt in order to get Brightness, Power Management and Battery. I found someone on this site that have the same Laptop as mine and he uploaded his CLOVER folder there(...
  15. Aftermathx25

    Dell Vostro V5459 - Sometimes won't boot (probably ACPI issue)

    Hello So I finally (after a month of fighting with booting installer) have managed to successfully install macOS Sierra 10.12. But there is sometimes a situation that Clover stops at: reloc block: yes hibernation wake: no and it's stuck forever. After a lot of testing I found out what to do to...
  16. youshupp

    Sierra boot slow after patch dsdt

    I recently downloaded and patched a dsdt file while matches my machine. Everything worked almost perfect after reboot. However, the boot time was about 10 times slower than the old patch boot time. I used verbose at boot to check what was going on and I found there were ACPI Error, and it just...
  17. deltacore

    [Solved] Sierra ACPI Error

    Hello, i have the following System: - i5 6400 - Asrock H110M-DGS/D3 - 2x 4GB 10600MHz DDR3 - RAM - No graphics card. Using onboard - OCZ Vertex 4 120GB SSD Clovers Product information are set to iMac14,2 version 1.0 and a serial number, basicly the prefilled information. I created the...
  18. kiwiszon

    Asrock h110m-dgs + intel i5 7400 kaby lake + intel hd 630

    Hello, i have this configuration. I'm using clover with fakepciid and fakepciid intel hd graphics and with fakecpuid/fakeid in config.plist. When I'm booting into instalation, i get black screen with white apple logo and kernel panic cpu 0 no driver found for acpi(but with different words, don't...
  19. digitaljames

    ACPI AE_NOT_FOUND during install

    I'm trying to install Sierra, created with latest version of Unibeast. The version of clover is 4045. The verbose mode display ACPI AE_NOT_FOUND and restart the machine. I already have Yosemite on this laptop (HP dv4-2160us). Can anyone help me? Thanks in advanced.
  20. snottywong

    [SOLVED] Infinite spinning beach ball on gray screen

    Here's what I've done so far: - Created bootable USB drive with Unibeast and macOS 10.12.4 - Installed latest version of Clover on it (version 2.4k rev 4035) - Booted from USB drive - Completely erased SSD and did a clean install of 10.12.4 on it - Rebooted after successful installation, tried...