1. trs96

    Learning the Hackintosh Four Letter Words

    Learning the Hackintosh Four Letter Words Learning these terms is your first step to achieving a fully working hackintosh build. Take your time to study and memorize these so the meaning is second nature. Then you'll be able to communicate with and understand those that are trying to help you...
  2. MattMcHackit83

    kernel_task always using above 100% CPU!

    Hi The fans on my new build were (and are) constantly running very loud and fast. I installed HWMonitor and discovered my CPU is almost constantly running at the maximum turbo speed, 3.4GHz -- it does fluctuate but rarely drops below 2.9GHz. CPU cores are constantly between 60 and 73°C! On...
  3. hikkamorii

    Reboot on wake up.

    I installed macOS 10.12.6, and so far, it's pretty stable, everything works besides proper sleep mode. If I enable S3D fix in clover, my system doesn't go to sleep, it just turns off monitors, but I can wake it up, and use my computer again, but without S3D fix mask, my pc goes to sleep normal...
  4. icatface

    Lenovo Yoga 520 Issues with compiling DSDT, patching VooDoo I2C and ACPI table errors

    Hello everyone, I have successfully installed macOS Mojave with almost no issues (Audio and battery indicator fixed with kexts). Now I'm trying to fix the trackpad. Even though the keyboard and external mouse works out of the box, the trackpad is pretty important since the laptop only has 2 USB...
  5. koriwi

    [solved] Remap special dedicated "Print"-Key that disables touchpad in macOS

    Hi Guys. My second post, ever. Now 5 years later I have my work laptop (X1 Carbon 6th) almost perfectly working. I'm a big lurker and gathered all my information from the internet. Thanks internet people and special thanks to RehabMan! I'm a developer and not so bad in troubleshooting my own...
  6. maiconjs

    Kernel log (AppleACPIEC) ACPI: no ECDT

    I'm trying to fix this record in the log, making some changes in my dsdt. I checked with the DSDT some things that is causing problems: * In DSDT there are two PNP0C09 devices (EC and H_EC). * Names like SLPC and MCAP, present in the IGPU are in H_EC that appears to be a useless device. (A...
  7. cowcowpod

    [Help] internal USB keyboard ACPI remap

    Hi! So I've got an issue. My device, an ASUS FX503VD doesn't seem to have a PS2 keyboard. I've checked in Windows, as well as IOREG, and it appears that my device is on the USB bus. Also, my functions keys appear to be nonstandard for ASUS devices, as my brightness keys are f7 and f8, instead of...
  8. PickupMan

    Syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_SUBTRACT

    Hi! I'm having a little bit of trouble here to save the DSDT file to a ACPI file because of an error that I cannot find a way to solve it. ERROR 6126: "Syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_SUBTRACT" The thing is... This error comes with the DSDT.aml file that comes with the system without any...
  9. wsy0222

    Keyboard Map issue

    Hi, I got a Lenovo K29 laptop with i5 3210M and it's running latest macOS High Sierra. This hackintosh works mostly perfect. But it's having key map issue since Sierra and recently I'm interested to fix it. Under Windows, and Fn+Up/Fn+Down functions as screen brightness adjustment, Fn+F6...
  10. CameronBurton

    Can I install Mac OS to a separate drive without unplugging my windows drive?

    I currently have an m.2 SSD installed into my motherboard with windows on it, I also have a 1TB hdd drive that has data on it. I have hooked up a 120gb SSD via SATA to my system and my question is can I install mac os on that without unplugging or removing my windows drive because it is a really...
  11. gbkbrant

    Major Issues Getting 10.13.5 Update To Recognize & Use GTX1070SC

    I have been working all night to try and get this build up and running to almost no avail. Currently I have a system that will only boot from an install USB and About This Mac says NVIDIA Chip Model 7MB. Z97x-UD5H Intel 4770k EVGA GTX-1070 SC Corsair CX600M Salmon 9900 32GB Corsair Vengence RAM...
  12. Washdead

    High Sierra ACPI Error

    i have the following System: Intel Core i5 8400 2.8GHz (4.0GHz Max Turbo) 9MB 8ª Geração Coffee Lake LGA 1151 PMSI Geforce GTX 1060 DUAL FAN 6GT OCV1 6GB PCI-EXP MSI B360M PRO-VH MS7B53 DDR4 XPG Z1 8GB 2400MHz HD Seagate ST1000DM010 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata III I made my first attempt and gave...
  13. allaboutpc

    ACPI Error on Acer Aspire 6930G

    Hi, I'm a new user and I have a problem with installation of macOS Sierra, with Chamaleon Bootloader on an Acer Aspire 6930G. To boot I use this args (founded on the Internet): "-x -v -f acpi=off PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No" Anyone have a fix for this problem? Thanks!
  14. prototypeDCB

    Can't determine EC query methods(T470)

    I have been able to get the display brightness slider on System Preferences/Display with the help of this post: Now, I'm trying to fix the display brightness keys with the help of this...
  15. TZombi1234

    [Solved] Can't start the installatiion... ACPI error.. 6 table load faliture, 1 successful.

    I need help with my installation: I used unibeast 8.1.0 for create the usb for boot the installation of high sierra... My specs : Intel i5 4440 Nvidia Gtx 960. I disabled pci/e on the bios(so i started the pc with cpu graphics) but nothing.. What should i do? (sorry for bad english xD).
  16. nbindelle

    acpi error

    Hi, I'm new to create my own hackintosh. I had one but it is no more working so i've decided to re-install it by myself. I've this acpi error when i try to install High Sierra. I've attached a picture and my config.plist file. Could anyone help me please? Best. Nicolas.
  17. dkoolj

    Direct upgrade to High Sierra ACPI Error HP Spectre X360

    I am trying to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra, but I am getting an ACPI error in clover that keeps repeating. I have attached pictures of the error. I used the apple installer on my working Sierra to upgrade, and clover shows the version of my macOS as 10.13.2, but I cannot boot into it. I...
  18. EverythingIsRed

    [help] Implementing AppleBacklightInjector

    As per this guide - It says GFX0 must be renamed to IGPU. I used the "Rename GFX0 to IGPU" patch in the RehabMan maciASL Laptop Patches repo. I applied it to all files containing "GFX0"...
  19. J-brady

    ACPI Error: 6 table load failures

    So I've managed to get my hackintosh running over USB (still haven't figured out the Nvidia web drivers), but now when I boot via my main drive, I get caught up at the apple logo, in verbose mode it shows "ACPI Error: 6 table load failures, 3 successful (20160930/tbxfload-342)" I've tried...
  20. nithinshyam

    High Sierra - ACPI Error, gIOScreenLockState 3 on GTS 450

    My PC: i7 4790k Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 1866MHz AsuS ROG MAXIMUS VII HERO Asus GTS 450 DI/1GD5 I created a High Sierra 10.13.1 USB installer using Unibeat with options 1. UEFI Boot Mode 2. Instert nVidia No additional kexts were added. BIOS Settings: XHCI Handoff, EHCI Handoff = Enabled VT-d...