1. tgbaodeeptry

    Stuck at ACPI error

    Recently, I have followed This Video to build a hackintosh LAPTOP. But when I tried to boot with USB booter, I got this error I waited for 10 minutes, but nothing occur My catalina version: 10.15.6 Opencore version: 6.0.0 release USB: 16GB 3.0 Sorry for my english
  2. ShalevElmakaies


    I Followed the opencore guide from dortania and got stuck on "acpi error method parse/execution failed..." tried troubleshooting but I'm kind of a noob at this so I need some help... :/ I Attached my latest debug log and my efi folder... Help would be amazing!
  3. rain.nh

    [HELP] Catalina Installer Boot ACPI Error With OpenCore

    Trying to install Catalina with OpenCore and followed every step from their site. Was going with online installer. I am attaching the efi file here with picture of error. Please help me here.
  4. rain.nh

    Solved > Catalina unknown panic with OpenCore

    Trying to install Catalina with OpenCore and followed every step from their site. Was going with online installer. I am attaching the efi file here with picture or panic.
  5. BlvckBytes

    Solved > OpenCore battery patch

    Hello, guys! // Comment: If you need any help, just post your native DSDT along with an existing rehabman patch, if it exists. Otherwise, I'll try to patch it from scratch. If you want me to implement it properly, post your EFI folder aswell. I will help as many people as possible! My...
  6. p4skal


    Hello, i have uploaded a YouTube video to explain everything, as it would be impossible to list every mainboard configuration option. Link to the EVGA X299 FTW K CFG Lock fix: PS.: Sorry for bad...
  7. lloyddominic26

    ACPI Error while booting, but not while compiling to AML

    I want to patch the DSDT of my laptop to be able for VoodooI2C to work. I extracted all my ACPI files from Clover by pressing the F4 key. I only patched the DSDT to include all the needed patches for VoodooI2C. I patched the DSDT and fixed all the errors in the DSDT and the SSDTs, then I...
  8. aduff

    ACPI load errors - Sapphire RX Vega 56

    Hi All, I have searched high and low for a solution to my problem but haven't been able to find one so i'll have to ask directly. I have been running 10.12.6 for a couple of years with an ASUS ROG STRIX RX560 without any issues. This graphics card has been functional with the simplest...
  9. hackeron

    Solved > Can't boot into Catalina installer on Asus Prime Z370-A (8700K & Radeon RX580)

    When I try to boot into the Mac OS Catalina Install option in Clover, I see the following, I am still able to boot into Mojave though. Any ideas? < I tried waiting 30 minutes but it appears to just hang on the above. Update: 1) I added SSDT-EC.aml to /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched, this got me...
  10. VickySL

    Please help me , i got acpi error method parse execution bst in High Sierra Boot

    Hi All, This is Vicky and i am noob to hackintosh. i make bootable Sierra USB with Clover as per hardware. i attached my hardware details with bios options. currently i have high sierra iso , please suggest good & compatible marOS and Clover config. i tried more than 3-4 clover builds , but...
  11. majeddh

    ACPI Error after updating bios

    Hi everyone. I was trying to get my intel graphics working but i couldn't change dmvt preallocation. So I updated the bios (unfortunately). And since then i could not boot any version of clover. I tried two versions that were working and even an installer that worked before is not working...
  12. SKA777

    ACPI AE_NOT_EXIST error during mojave installation.

    Hi everyone .I followed the clover guide for booting the osx installer on laptops to create my installer booted from it,and got to the clover screen,selected my usb drive and it booted,but the verbose gets stuck on the ACPI error “method parse execution failed AE_NOT_EXIST. I tried googling the...
  13. Aphex

    Unable to load installer - Asus Z370i, I7-9700, RX570, 1TB NVME

    Hi all, I’ve built a few hacks over the years and this is the first I’ve run into where I’m having a heck of a time getting the installer to load. Specs are as follows: Asus Z370i (Bios 1406) i7-9700 Sapphire RX570 4gb 1TB Inland Premium NVMe 16gb GSkill Trident RGB 3000mhz RAM I pulled the...
  14. ronniekinsley

    Waiting on boot-uuid-media only when PC is shutdown, if restarted, everything boots up fine

    So I'm having this really issue. I have Ubuntu, Windows and Mojave on the same SSD and everything used to be fine but after some update I guess, I started facing this problem. Here goes: Shutdown any of Windows/Ubuntu/Mojave and then try to boot into Mojave -> Waiting on boot-uuid-media error...
  15. JackJohnJack

    General question about the extent of DSDT/SSDT patching

    Hello everyone, I have a general question: what is the benefit of working really hard on DSDT/SSDT patching? I've been using a laptop hackintosh at work for two years, I've (hot)patched what needed most fixing (battery, touchpad, usb, ...) but never spent the time and effort to tend towards...
  16. ryansat46

    Battery indicator and fn function disappear after booting into windows

    greetings all, the problem is suddenly my touchpad,keyboard and battery indicator not appear in osx after i use windows in certain time. after doing some research i could make touchpad and keyboard working again but the battery status is still not appear. so what i should do?
  17. trs96

    Learning the Hackintosh Four Letter Words

    Hackintosh Four Letter Words - 15 important acronyms that you'll need to know Learning these terms is your first step to getting a fully working hackintosh build. Take your time and study and memorize these so the meaning is second nature. Then you'll be able to communicate with and understand...
  18. ycjjssmm

    Mojave 10.14.2 ACPI error: [_SB_.PCI0.RP05.PXSX] namespace lookup failure

    Hi, this is my first time trying hackintosh. I followed the Buyer's Guide to build my System. CPU: i5 8400 GPU: ASUS RX570 Motherboard: Gigabyte H370M D3SH SSD: WD black NVMe PCIe M.2 500GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4 3000 I strictly followed the Installation Guide to create...
  19. MattMcHackit83

    kernel_task always using above 100% CPU!

    Hi The fans on my new build were (and are) constantly running very loud and fast. I installed HWMonitor and discovered my CPU is almost constantly running at the maximum turbo speed, 3.4GHz -- it does fluctuate but rarely drops below 2.9GHz. CPU cores are constantly between 60 and 73°C! On...
  20. hikkamorii

    Reboot on wake up.

    I installed macOS 10.12.6, and so far, it's pretty stable, everything works besides proper sleep mode. If I enable S3D fix in clover, my system doesn't go to sleep, it just turns off monitors, but I can wake it up, and use my computer again, but without S3D fix mask, my pc goes to sleep normal...