1. crispossa

    Acer Aspire E5-571 Yosemite [AUDIO/SLEEP/BOOT ISSUE]

    Hello, everyone! I have an almost fully functional Acer Aspire E5-571 with Yosemite 10.10.5 with Clover as bootloader but I'm having some issues with its sound card, sleep/shutdown and sometimes with the boot. The specs are as follows: Acer Aspire E5-571 Proccessor Intel Core i5 4210U...
  2. nickotar

    [Guide] Acer Aspire E5-571 using Clover with optional Windows dual-boot

    Installing Yosemite on Acer E5-571 laptop First guide is for single OS installation. Second guide is for OSX + Windows dual boot. These guides have been tested on Acer E5-571-30AB with Yosemite 10.10.4. It should work for other E5-571 models with Haswell CPUs. Specifications : Core i3 4005u...
  3. deb1806

    Help !!!! Acer aspire v5-431

    :crazy: Please check the configuration which i have posted and let me know how to turn it into a MACDevice and which version will it support. !!!! find the Info in the image posted:beachball:
  4. delioroman

    [Guide] Acer Aspire M5-583P-XXXX using Clover

    Acer Aspire M5-583P-XXXX using Clover This guide will remain a work in progress as long as updates are pushed out and kinks are ironed out. If you have the same laptop, feel free to share your input if something could be improved on. I will update this guide as best as I can for future...
  5. sammymcc

    Missing bluetooth controller transport! Stuck (acer v3 531)

    Hi all this is my first post but have used the site a lot and been able to run maverick on my desktop with no problems. But I am trying to install yosemite on my brothers laptop and and can't get past Missing bluetooth controller transport! I am using unibeast and have tried booting with flags...
  6. MasterBRStriker

    ethernet appears but it won't connect and wireless doesn't even appear

    this is what appears, i have an acer aspire 4752 with an i5 but i'm not able to get the network working even though everything else is working without a problem. sorry for my bad english
  7. Mikymice

    Acer Revo One

    I have been in market for mac mini. Since the 2014 mac mini is quite disappointing, I have been looking for good alternative Can anyone confirm that the Acer Revo One will be hackable right out of the box? Thanks Here is the link for the little nice looking desktop...
  8. gonzo93

    Acer Aspire e5-517g-719q Problem with installer osx

    hi everyone recently i've chose to make my laptop an Hackintosh. After read all guide for compatibility hardware, use virtual machine for preparing the usb i've used Unibeast for the first time but when the apple logo appear the pc auto-restart so i changed with clover but nothing have...
  9. Uphuck

    [Guide] Acer Aspire E1-570G OS X Yosemite (Clover)

    ​ System Specifications: - CPU: Intel (R) Core i3-3217U @ 1,8GHz - RAM: 8GB RAM 1600MHz Dual Channel (4GBx2) - GPU: Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000 & nVidia GeForce GT 740M - Chipset: HM77 - HDD: 500GB Hitachi 5400rpm - Screen size & Resolution: 15,6 inches & 1366x768 - Others: 2xUSB 2.0 ; 1xUSB...
  10. allnew

    I need help installing Yosemite on my Acer Asdpire V5-571G ; same Laptop as in my Profile

    I need to know if my Laptop is completly funcionable with Yosemite, before i kick all Linux-Distros off it. If u need more detail I would be happy to post it. Thanks for your help.
  11. Insleep

    Mac App Store (and anything iCloud) not working on Acer C720 Chromebook

    Hi there everyone- I successfully Hackintoshed my Acer C720 Chromebook with OS X 10.8.5 (whenever I try something newer I get stuck at XCPM: registered). I used a USB Wi-Fi adapter to get Wi-Fi access. The problem is that no iCloud services work. Whenever I try to log in to the Mac App Store...
  12. Alimdoener

    Acer Aspire 3830TG: No audio and USB3.0 not working

    I installed 10.10 on my Acer Aspire 3830TG using Clover and am very pleased so far. No audio device is detected and I am not really sure which audio adapter the notebook uses. All I found so far is that there is a Conext-driver. Also the notebook has one USB3.0 port which doesn't work. What do...
  13. janohan

    Acer 5755 - ALC269 - Device detected - no sound - headphones

    Hello, the sound problem now. It was working but stopped in time (how this is even possible?!). I use patched AppleHDA.kext - the sound works - Internal Speekers/ internal Mic when i connect the headphones System Preferences -> Sound changes from Internal Speekers to Headphones which means that...
  14. janohan

    Sleep when HDMI connected - Acer 5755

    Hi, The situation: The laptop is connected to external monitor via HDMI. I try to put it to sleep by closing the LID or Apple -> Sleep (just for information, Sleep without HDMI works well. ) Result: Both screens black, no sleep, no answer for a button press or anything, hardreset needed...
  15. janohan

    Lost sleep after update - Acer 5755G (10.10.2)

    Hello guys! It's been a while.. The problem: After updating to 10.10.2 i've lost sleep. The situation: When i close the lid or try to manually sleep laptop goes to sleep but just for 1 sec. It wakes up immediately. The facts: I had no problem before the update. I did not change BIOS...
  16. daimontoppi

    [link to guide] acer aspire e15 touch = hackbook pro Above is a link to a guide on my Google Drive to turn the below Acer Touchscreen Laptop into a Hackbook Pro. (KEXTS INCLUDED!) Download the entire parent folder. (It's easier that way.) The Guide is IN DEPTH at 9...
  17. PHarrison

    No Sound- ALC662

    After many hours of tinkering today, trying pretty much all the kexts for my sound codec- ALC662.. sound does not work. I've tried both VoodooHDA and AppleHDA. I've found out I cannot just boot without boot flags.. I can only boot with -f. Does using -f affect this? I used Unibeast to...
  18. abcdefghi12345

    Acer Aspire 5750g Help

    Hi, first sorry for my bad english. I have installed Mac OSX on my Acer Aspire 5750g, now i don't know what i have to do. I have to install anything with Multibeast? Maybe someone have a custom DSDT File for Multibeast? At this time it doesn't work my sound, wlan, battery and ethernet. My...
  19. tomlmurray

    Intel HD4400 Not Recognised and only 4mb of ram.

    Hi, As a newbie to the Hackingtosh world I wanted to install MAC alongside my current Windows 8.1. I have successfully managed to achieve this and can dual boot between them both. However Mac Yosemite is virtually unusable because the graphics card is not recognised instead it is calling it...
  20. dwinkelmann

    Installation Mavericks on ACER Aspire 6930G / Core2Duo / Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT

    Hi there, I am a newbie in installing OS X on a "normal" Laptop... Is there anybody who can help me with it? Which boot flags do I have to type in for: Mavericks on ACER Aspire 6930G / Core2Duo / 4GB RAM / Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT I got a black screen and no LED-actions! And it...