1. l3dsonTosh

    GTX 770 hardware acceleration is not working.

    Hi, I just got my hackintosh big sur full installation and a couple of things are working fine, but the hardware acceleration is not working and I don't really know why, I did all what I should have done following the dortania's guide for opencore and some other things that I found looking...
  2. igor.b

    Surface Pro 4 HD 520 acceleration

    Hello! I have tried to get GPU acceleration on this SP4 for 2 days. I have Lilu and WhateverGreen installed. When I try to boot using RehabMans config, macOS boots, but then it turns to a black screen. Could anyone help? I have attached my EFI folder. Thanks in advance
  3. gauthieral

    Do I need acceleration at all? stuck with 10.12

    Hello, I built a running hackintosh, still running on 10.12.5, GTX1050ti. I'm not good with computers and didn't bother (and found time to) update to 10.13 when I saw the drivers are not supported anymore. Now that I have some time to think about it, I'd like to update to 10.14. Do I need to...
  4. jt1900jt

    Graphics Acceleration not working on Whiskey Lake 2019 Razer Blade Stealth 13 w/ UHD620

    Laptop Specs: CPU: i7-8565U Graphics: UHD620 w/ MX150 RAM: 16GB of some generic stuff Storage: New Samsung 970 EVO 250GB Wifi: Replaced with BCM94352Z DW1560 At this point I have basically eveything working on this machine minus graphics acceleration including tracked, battery, airdrop...
  5. gelsenbart

    [SOLVED] AMD Sapphire Radeon 7850 Mojave acceleration

    Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at hackintoshing a desktop and everything works except for my DGPU: AMD Sapphire Radeon 7850, 2048MB VRAM. I tried looking up configurations, but none of them seem to work for me. Right now, I am using the latest Lilu+Whatevergreen kexts and Inject ATI...
  6. orinetanel

    Intel HD Graphics 530 no acceleration

    macOS Mojave - 10.14.1 Everything works fine except for graphics acceleration I followed the "Idiots guide to Lilu and its plugins" and from what I can tell I've made no mistakes according to the terminal both kexts loaded and are working yet I have no acceleration and still showing only 7mb of...
  7. Kaspian

    UHD 630 full acceleration & High Sierra 10.13.6 boot problem

    Hi there, I've been trying all christmas to get my first hackintosh to boot without a kernel panic, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. I see a lot of people with similar problems, but the fixes suggested in other threads just don't do it on my system. The only way I can...
  8. ericdong886

    Black Screen on Login

    Hi all, I have a Huawei Matebook X Pro(UHD 620) and I patched graphics but the computer screen doesn't work... The display is 3000x2000 so technically QHD, but the thing is, I can't change the DVMT value in BIOS because it's apparently rewrite proof (even EFI shell doesn't work)... So right...
  9. mrtioiyf

    High Sierra 10.13.6 with HD6950 no GPU Acceleration

    Hi, I managed to install High Sierra and get everything running so far (except for sound). My card is recognised correctly with 2048MB of RAM. The problem is, that there is no GPU acceleration which causes glitches and stuff. My kexts: What can I do to get the acceleration working...
  10. OrionDB5

    Cannot get UHD 630 acceleration to work

    I am trying to get UHD 630 acceleration on Mojave on my XPS 15 9570. Since trying to boot without spoofing Kaby Lake graphics lead to my laptop rebooting after IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 I am trying to get it to work spoofing Kaby Lake graphics. Doing so I...
  11. martin20009

    No Intel 630HD acceleration

    Hello All, I am struggling with getting acceleration working. It starts to boot with it but 3/4 along the screen flashes and the apple logo goes bigger. I have checked a few things but getting confused. I am using a 2k monitor in the hdmi port, it once showed under scaling 2560 x 1440 but no...
  12. Mike7-7-7

    HD4400 Acceleration at 2560x1440 pixels possible?

    Current Issue: Acceleration only works until resolution of 2048x1152 pixels. Higher resolution (like internal display has 2560x1440) causes flickering. Is this a knows bug of HD4400 on macOS HighSierra or can anyone help me to get it work? (If EDID injections have to be done I would need help...
  13. iSan4eZ

    i3 8100 | B360 Motherboard - No iGPU acceleration

    My hardware: Motherboard: GIGABYTE B360M DS3H CPU: i3 8100 GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 RAM: 2x8 ddr4 Storage: 512GB SSD (I'm using APFS) + 1TB HDD NetworkCard (WiFi+BT): BCM94360CD Problem: I've installed High Sierra 10.13.4 with last updates. Tried adding 0x3E918086 0x3E928086 to...
  14. colinYCW

    Acer Aspire E17 [was: Nvidia graphic acceleration not working!]

    Hi, I'm using Aspire E5-772G laptop. i5-5200U 2.20GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM Intel HD Graphics 5500 Nvidia GeForce 940M Recently i have followed so many tutorials on fixing graphics problems on hackintosh. Like,
  15. Gaffalover

    HD 530 resolution and acceleration issue on GA-H170N-WIFI

    Hey guys, thank you for dropping by. Currently I have a working Sierra installation, done with the guides [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI and [Update] Sierra 12.1 - Skylake GA-H170N-WIFI / HD530. Im using a Nvidia GT730 to get 2560x1440 resolution and sleep on my system, wich was...
  16. OlehSoroka

    Setting up graphics acceleration for Intel HD 4600

    Hi everybody! Really need advise, cause tried maybe all the issues I found here. The problem is that after clean install Sierra 10.12.6 my onboard GPU have no acceleration and shows 7 Mb against 1536 Mb. So, I'll start from the beginning: - using clover 4.39.1 - updated bios to last one. -...
  17. ankursp

    Intel HD630 on 10.12.6 - Blank screen after Clover boot

    Hi, I need help with HD630 acceleration. I have installed 10.12.6 on my primary machine which has following config: ROG STRIX Z270E GAMING | i7 7700K Set IGPU primary and multi monitor Disabled adn IGPU mem set to 64mb Installation was successful, after that using kext util instaleld kext as...
  18. doccykaaa7

    Full acceleration with Radeon R9 270

    Hello guys! I really need help in relation with using FakeID. I'm running El Capitan on my PC. I already used FakeID (frankly, just tried to). As you can read in the title, I have a Radeon R9 270. This is not an OOB card, and I'm aware of the fact, that I need to do some spoofing. I went into...
  19. JackJohnJack

    [Solved] 10.12.5 - Asus N552VW - Intel HD 530 no acceleration

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to enable acceleration on the HD 530 GPU on my Asus N552VW for the past few days, to no avail. I'm on 10.12.5, and no matter what combination of tricks and tweaks (I've tried pretty much everything I could come up with, using patches - GFX0 to iGPU and the like...
  20. tkan

    GTX 1080 ti vs. GTX 760

    Can anyone tell me why my old Mavericks hackintosh with a GTX 760 is running 10x faster with video editing than my brand new Sierra hackintosh with a 1080 Ti?