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  1. skitch.png


    Solved insallation of Catalina in my MSI X99 with I7 5820K
  2. Alexi75

    Cosmetics - System Information ?

    Hi, I'm a motion designer and I've been working with a few strong hack builds for 3D compositing. I have a client coming to my office to work with his artist on one of my machines. Main units are in an air conditioned server room, having only monitors, USB and sound going to the working office...
  3. SeBaez

    [Solved] "The application System Information can't be opened"

    Greetings everyone! I've been using my High Sierra Hackintosh for almost a month. However, after downloading Geekbench 4 (just for leisure), I noticed that in the Memory info it says "16.0 GB 0 MHz RAM". As I thought this was a mere glitch, I tried to open "About this Mac", and nothing...
  4. lilmanbigtalk

    [Solved] XPS 13 9360 Hackintosh Not Showing Correct Model

    Hi all, I recently converted my late 2016 Dell XPS 13 Core i5 Kaby Lake laptop to a Hackintosh on Sierra 10.12.6 using RehabMan's guide with Clover. I then used the Clover Configurator tool to select the SMBIOS for a MacBook14,1 (Mid 2017 MacBook Pro w/o TouchBar and i5). I have not connected my...
  5. johnthegreat

    Serial number says "To be filled by O.E.M

    Clover was set to boot up to MacPro5,1 and kept failing so each time I booted I would have to go in and change it to MacPro6,1 in the Clover Options each time. So I decided to just install the definition for MacPro6,1 from Multibeast. I installed it and everything works fine and it boots into...
  6. leonvmetcalf

    About This Mac showing wrong info

    Hey guys! My current Hackintosh build has been running flawlessly for years thanks to Clover. However, I have this slight glitch in the system; About This Mac shows the wrong information. First, my GTX 750 TI gets the wrong amount of VRAM (even though I installed the NVIDIA web drivers and am...
  7. Thij

    About This Mac - Overview - Yosemite

    Mod About This Mac - Overview Yosemite Introduction Welcome. First of all, I will explain why I made this guide. Later on you will see instructions how to customise certain aspects of the ‘About This Mac’ window, i.e. the picture and your Mac’s model / name. There should be no problems at all...
  8. Davirus

    3930k suddenly is unknown

    I remember that OSX used to detect my 3930K as a Xeon processor, but, since the latest Chimera update it started to show as unknown. I manually modded it to show even more "accurate" information But other applications, such as MachineProfile, still fails to correctly detect my CPU. Also...
  9. Bens56

    About This Mac logs me out

    Hey Guys, So, I've got my hackintosh running with Mountain Lion 10.8.0, but whenever I go to 'About This Mac' in the menu under the Apple logo it freezes for a few seconds and then logs me out :banghead:. Although I can access 'About This Mac's' 'More Info' menu via 'System Information' >...