ableton live

  1. Evang1ja

    Heavy Music Production Build From Scratch (Logic/Ableton DAWS and Serum)

    Hello all, First time poster. I have searched the forum and seen this somewhat touched on but not really to my situation: Trying to build a Hackintosh laptop. I currently have a late 2017 iMac 27 inch so I have the ability to build at a good pace while being able to use my DAWS and not worry...
  2. TorbenScharling

    Low RTL high DSP count first hack for Ableton Live

    Howdy I’m a musician and content creator wanting to start video streaming and video editing my performances as well as build a system that can do insanely fast round trip latencies via an insanely fast (thunderbolt 2) audio interface (Presonus Quantum) (or something like an RME PCIe card)...
  3. MattyZ

    OSX 10.12 Sierra vs OSX 10.11 El Capitan?

    Anyone have any preferences between these two options, or experience with both? I'm specifically wondering if either have any better track record when it comes to audio performance. (I'm working with Ableton myself, but curious about Logic or other DAWs as well.) I've read some people arguing...
  4. N00Bster

    Upgrade to workstation build

    Upgrade build HELP. So right now I have two problem with my computer, 1. the fan are loud and overall the pc is loud so I was thinking about upgrading my cpu stock cooler to the corsair h110i and overclocking making the pc silent 2. my usb 3.0 does not fully work, because it's a 6 series...