1. Proxyyyy

    [Solved] Kernel panic when try to install

    Hello Guys, When I try to install High Sierra in my Desktop I found a kernel panic. Mobo: p8h67-m CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 GPU: GeForce GTX 960 See attached photo and EFI folder. @RehabMan can you help me please?
  2. blalonde

    Issue using NVIDIA Web Drivers with High Sierra and GTX 960

    Hi all, I just finished installing High Sierra last night on my desktop. I followed the install guide and used a special set of files for my motherboard (ASUS Rampage IV Extreme) so the installation would finally work. I'm trying to get my GTX 960 working with macOS. I followed the guide here...
  3. alexdr

    Photoshop lags - designers help / Gtx 960 i5

    All system work great and smooth. All almost native, minimal fixes. But only Photoshop cc have lags. 1. Photoshop setting changed - no results (disable acceleration - more slowly) 2. System and Photoshop see video card (GTX 960) - OK. Web drivers (378.05.25f01) 3. I m try use...
  4. markmcleod50

    Display Port, DVI No Signal GTX 960 High Sierra

    I have two monitors. The GTX 960 has 3 display ports, 1 HDMI and 1 DVI. I can get signal from the HDMI to either of my two monitors but cannot get a signal from the DVI or display port. I'm using Lilu and NvidiaGraphicsFixup. Under 10.12 I used AGDPfix but have not on this clean High Sierra...
  5. markmcleod50

    4 days in...I need some help. Screen turns off during install.

    After numerous issues with High Sierra I've reformatted my SSD and am going back to Sierra. I have two USB sticks, one with Sierra and one with High Sierra. The new issue is that I get to the apple loading screen (before the install) and about 75% in the screen turns off. I've removed lilu and...
  6. rubatoe

    Samsung NVME 960 m.2 boot crash on a Asus 170 M Plus (El Capitain 10.11.6

    Hello i'm new to the community..hope everyone is well. I just recently did a El Capitan 10.11.6 build here is what I used Asus 170 M Plus Motherboard Samsung NvMe 960 M.2 2.81 Ghz Intel Core i5 Gskill 16 gb RAM (2 X 8) 2133 DDR5 MHZ Zotac Nvidia GT 710 (2047 mb) My situation is that my M.2 is...
  7. exofriend

    Samsung 960 EVO firmware -- Windows or Mac?

    I'm building a new hackmac with a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD. I will install VMware Fusion and run Windows also. Samsung does not list any firmware updates for the 960 EVO for Mac, but they do list an update for Windows (2B7QCXE7). They do not explain exactly what the difference is, or how the...
  8. Grampasso

    HEVC (H.265) 10 bit playback with GTX 960 isn't fluid!

    I'm on the latest Nvidia Web Driver (GTX 960) and I get a lot of stuttering while playing a h.265 video sample. In Windows there is no problem with the same video (using Kodi), it seems like in OS X there is no hardware acceleration (I'm still on El Capitan). Am I missing something...
  9. ralfk

    Graphics card brands question

    Dear all, I recently finished my build and got OS X workign perfectly fine. Motherboard: Gigabyte H170M-d3H CPU: i5 6500 RAM: 8 Gb I'm looking now at some GPU's and was wondering if Nvidea GPU's from the brands ASUS and MSI will work as well as long as they are the same chipset? I only see...
  10. Tenebraeon

    Terrible Performance on Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

    I do not experience any graphical glitches and the web drivers are installed, but I seem to be getting terrible performance in game from my GTX 960. The games seem to recognise this and all the games I own that auto-select settings, set most of them to low. Borderlands 2 is basically...
  11. Tenebraeon

    Dual Display Setup Nvidia Geforce GTX 960

    Hey first forum post here so apologies if I screw it up, this is my first hackintosh build and while I have it semi-functional there are a few problems, one of which is with attempting to use a secondary display. I have two displays, one of which is an Acer K242HL 24" 1920 x 1080 using HDMI as...
  12. TheKingDance95

    I have trouble with my GTX 960 on macOs Sierra

    Could anyone tell me what to do to get my screen to read the card? I use VGA connector I have installed WebDriver-367.15.10.05f01 but it does not work. I need help please! I try with key: <key>NvidiaWeb<key/> <true/> And nothing.
  13. turtleguy

    [SOLVED] Installed macOS, Installed WebDrivers but graphics still have glitches.

    Hi, I installed macOS Sierra, the installation was fine minus a few hiccups. I have the following setup: - Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 TH - Intel i5 6500 - NVIDIA Strix GTX 960 2GB After installing the WebDrivers and enabling the web drivers using the new clover method: <key>NvidiaWeb</key>...
  14. eadavies

    Latest Yosemite Security Update 10.10.5 breaks NVIDIA Web Drivers for GTX 950

    This morning I updated my hackintosh to the latest Yosemite Version (usually when I do this the only negative aspect is having to reinstall audio drivers with multibeast), On this occasion the web drivers I was using which are 346.02.03f08 for build 14F1909 have now become unsupported. My build...
  15. ozz.yyy

    Help! Black screen after boot

    so I had a working hackintosh, until I decided to upgrade it to putting in a zotac gtx 960. I plugged it in and it worked but all the is animations were weird because I hadn't installed the drivers. So I installed the appropriate drivers and then I restarted. Then after the apple logo on boot I...
  16. ACB14

    Asus G771JW compatibility

    I would like to know if my laptop is OS X compatible. Chipset Intel® HM87 Express Chipset Processor Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ Processor, Networking Integrated 802.11 b/g/n or 802.11 ac (WiDi) Built-in Bluetooth™ V4.0 10/100/1000/Gigabits Base T Graphic Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4600...
  17. Micahtron5000

    Issues getting to installer // z170n gaming 5

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting past this kernal panic before the installer shows up. I was getting a "missing bluetooth controller trasport" I've tried the listed fixes in the big list of solutions (format, Clover Configurator / ACPI / FixDisplay, confirm inject intel=true, nv_disable=1, I took...
  18. Humaningenuity

    Dedicated GPU and dual monitors not working

    Hello, I recently installed Mac OS X 10.11.3 onto my computer and I've ran into an issue when it comes to the GPU. I did not select Inject Nvidia graphics during multibeast since I am using a GTX 960. My main display (using DVI) is working flawlessly, however, my secondary monitor running HDMI...
  19. Felurian

    Only able to boot to desktop with nv_disable=1 ; GTX 960

    Hi all - first time Hackintosher here so please be patient! :) I have managed to get El Capitan installed on my machine and managed to get it booting by the internal drive. However - I now cannot get to desktop unless I input the boot argument of "nv_disable=1". If I do not input this...
  20. iq860

    Is GeForce GTX 960 G1 4GB compatible and stable ?

    Pretty much what the title says, has anyone tried the 4GB version of this Graphics card ? I know that the 2GB version is on the recommended list by Tonymac on the Buyer's Guide but i was wondering what about the 4GB version because now they seem to have very close prices and the 4GB will...