1. andythedev

    [WIP-Guide] XPS 9570 Hackintosh Guide

    About As many others are having issues even getting past the installation of High Sierra on the 9570, I've decided to put together this guide. Device Specs Model: XPS 9570 (1080p) CPU: i5 8300h Graphics: Intel UHD 630, Nvidia (optimus) GTX 1050 MaxQ Memory: 8GB Storage: NVME & PCIE SATA SSDs...
  2. mylostocco

    [HELP!] Trying to hackintosh XPS 13 9350

    Hey guys, I am very new to hackintosh, i know my way around linux and windows but decided on my new laptop i would try and install Mac OSX Sierra. I have got my bootable usb finished and i can boot onto it. Once I click to boot the setup I get stuck very early on, the loading bar under the apple...
  3. Lorenzociampiconi

    Dell XPS 13 (9350) El Capitan

    Hi everybody, I recently bought this fantastic ultrabook and I decided to try install El Capitan on it. I have some hackintosh experience before, mainly with desktop, and i have usually reached a usable and satisfactory condition with it. This time, after realized a dual boot system with win...
  4. mircsicz

    Install on DELL Latitude 7370

    I'm trying to install 10.11.4 on my new rig. I've already read the following: http://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/faq-read-first-laptop-frequent-questions.164990/ http://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/testing-thread-skylake-platform-in-os-x.176407/...
  5. RoyalKingMomo

    Dell XPS 13' (Skylake - 9350) macOS Sierra Install attempt

    Preface: So let me start off by saying, my very first computer was a Sony Vaio laptop and that is also when I first tried creating a hackintosh PC. I was very young - about 13 or so and so I'm still very fairly new to hackintosh. After having owned a MBP mid-2012 for just about 3 years, I'm...