1. teamawesome

    ASRock Rack EP2C602 Install Guide for Sierra and High Sierra

    Components The only specifically required components for this build are an ASRock Rack EP2C602 motherboard and Ivy Bridge-EP processors. Your case, ram, PSU, etc should have no bearing on your success. As noted below, the LGA 2011 socket supports both Sandy Bridge-EP (E5 v1) and Ivy Bridge-EP...
  2. disample

    Intel CT Desktop Adapter (82574L) jumbo frames

    Situation: Intel CT Desktop Adapter EXPI9301CT (82574L) installed on multiple hacks (Z77X-UP5TH, X58A_UD3R, AsusP5Q). Adapters are working fine either with Hnak AppleIntelE1000e or edited Intel82574L kext. They are on separate network, W/O internet access, connected to NAS, delivering 110 Mb/s...