1. teamawesome

    [DEPRECATED] ASRock Rack EP2C602 Install Guide for Sierra and High Sierra

    This guide is now deprecated. Please use the new guide if you have an EP2C602. Components The only specifically required components for this build are an ASRock Rack EP2C602 motherboard and Ivy Bridge-EP processors. Your case, ram, PSU, etc should have no bearing on your success. As noted...
  2. disample

    Intel CT Desktop Adapter (82574L) jumbo frames

    Situation: Intel CT Desktop Adapter EXPI9301CT (82574L) installed on multiple hacks (Z77X-UP5TH, X58A_UD3R, AsusP5Q). Adapters are working fine either with Hnak AppleIntelE1000e or edited Intel82574L kext. They are on separate network, W/O internet access, connected to NAS, delivering 110 Mb/s...