1. clearsimpleplain

    << Solved >> Ice Lake - Iris Plus Graphics - 7mb VRAm

    Hey, guys. I feel like Ive tried everything, but I know Im not understanding some parts of the issue. Anyways, Im running Big Sur on my Lenovo C940. Literally everything is running great, except for the graphics acceleration. About This Mac says I have 7mb of vram, which Ive learned means Im...
  2. idan78

    << Solved >> Using iGpu showing only 7mb

    Hi, i followed the guide on open core and updated all the relevant kext and drivers including whatever green. I am using intel uhd 630 and it is only showing 7mb vram. my question is this normal? is there any way to increase it? i will appreciate any answer. thanks Catalina 10.15.7
  3. y5l6pc7h

    7mb of ram on macOS Catalina Intel HD 4600 support (w/ gtx960)

    Hello everyone, I am a young developer that needs to use xCode. I created an macOS Catalina bootable USB using Unibeast and have installed macos succesfully on a usb thumb drive (I want to test my hackintosh in a usb stick first, before I install it on my hdd). My setup: a intel core i7 @ 3,6...
  4. cocoahoo

    [solved]mojave hd630 with 7MB

    I upgrade my hackintosh from 10.13.6 to mojave, and my hackintosh works great at 10.13 with hd630, but after I upgrade to mojave, the GPU is not work, and I can only use 0*12345678 to get in to system, and what confuse me is I have add whatevergreen in my efi/clover/kexts/other folder,and clover...
  5. florianforte

    Nvidia 1060 but only 7mb showed

    Hello, I have an Asus laptop : Strix Hero II : CPU: Intel Core i5-8300H GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 (6Go VRAM) Ram: 8Go BUT, « About this Mac » show : Intel UHD Graphics 630 7 Mo I read that 7mb meant that Nvidia was disabled but I have Nvidia Web Driver selected in the settings (and...
  6. AkaAdonis

    Display 7mb Problems

    Hey guys, So I recently decided to try my first Hackintosh build with what I had laying around. In my case, this turned out to be a Dell Optiplex 380 and an nVidia MSI 750 ti graphics card with 2gb of VRAM. I used the following guide...
  7. adrielpuentes

    Can't get my Intel 4600 or Nvidia 960m to Work! - Sierra

    Hey there! I currently have a copy of Sierra (Not High Sierra) running on an Asus GL551J, but am having a few Post-Installation issues! The Most Prominent issue being: 1. I cannot properly get either the Intel 4600 or Nvidia 960m to work properly. The Intel Card reads, but only as 7mb. If I...
  8. maxrainy

    gigabyte r9 290x 7mb vram

    Hi! I've seen other threads, but for me there are no solutions, and it drives me crazy. as you could understand, i got AMD 290x 7mb vram on sierra. I tried so many different ways but still no results - fb names, smbioses, fake ids, edited amd kexts, clover flags and patches:banghead:.. mb you...
  9. srtjko

    Having real issues making 260x accel work in Sierra

    I must be missing something so I have to ask you guys cause this is really frustrating. I installed Sierra again yesterday and since then I can't figure out for the life of me how to get AMD Radeon R7 260X 2GB to work. It is detected as 7mb, no acceleration. I followed a guide where a guy...
  10. Shadiragab

    Intel Hd 5500 7mb lenovo z5170 macOS Sierra

    Need help to get intel hd 5500 driver for macOS sierra please
  11. RBrNx277

    [Newbie] Intel HD4600 7mb VRAM El Capitan 10.11.3

    Hi there, this is my first desktop Hackintosh build and everything is very nearly working. My only problem I have is that my Intel HD4600 is only being recognised as having 7mb of RAM. I have tried to install the AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext, along with the FakePCIID.kext and...
  12. LeaftyQ

    Intel HD 4600 Graphic Glitch Fix?

    Hello I installed El Capital with Clover on my Acer AspireVN7-591G-77A9 and it works great currently, the only thing that's annoying is that my HD 6400 from the Intel Core I7 4710Hq only shows 7MB Memory. I already looked for a solution here in the forum, but none of them seems to work...