7mb vram

  1. clearsimpleplain

    << Solved >> Ice Lake - Iris Plus Graphics - 7mb VRAm

    Hey, guys. I feel like Ive tried everything, but I know Im not understanding some parts of the issue. Anyways, Im running Big Sur on my Lenovo C940. Literally everything is running great, except for the graphics acceleration. About This Mac says I have 7mb of vram, which Ive learned means Im...
  2. Bavalia.Piyush

    MSI GTX 760 Chip 7mb on Catalina + Realtek ALC1150 issue

    Hi, My build is MSI H87-G43 Gaming motherboard Intel i3 4th Gen Dual Core 16gb Corsair DDR3 (4+4+8) MSI Geforce GTX 760 2gb SSD 1 WD (Already Have High-Sierra) working fine since more than 2 years SSD 2 Kingston (on which Catalina clean install has been done) I don't what went wrong in...
  3. bendahsie96

    << Solved >> Mojave 10.14.6 9700k "Display 7MB/8MB" (Intel UHD 630)

    Hello again. So I've finally gotten sound and internet (via ethernet) working perfectly on my setup, so I'm very excited about that. I've also gotten Windows installed without issue. My final obstacle is to get my integrated graphics running properly. I've tried many different combinations and...
  4. tyning

    Help on Overpowered 15+ Laptop Nvidia 1060 6GB GPU card

    This is my first Hackintosh build. The laptop is Walmart Overpowered 15+ laptop, basic hardware configuration is: Intel i7-8750H CPU with 2.20 GHz speed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU with 6GB VRAM, and Intel UHD 630 Motherboard: Tongfang GK5CN6Z BIOS Version: N.1.05 EC Version: 1.35.09 I put a...
  5. lalachicken132

    << Solved >> Sierra gtx 1060 6gb sc only 7mb

    either it only shows 7mb or shows gtx 1060 7mb I have literally tried everything, nv=disable 1 or 0, Nvidia inject and not inject, web drivers are installed and enabled sometimes it picks my graphics card up if I mess with the settings but it is only 7mb currently it is not picking it up. I will...
  6. orinetanel

    Intel HD Graphics 530 no acceleration

    macOS Mojave - 10.14.1 Everything works fine except for graphics acceleration I followed the "Idiots guide to Lilu and its plugins" and from what I can tell I've made no mistakes according to the terminal both kexts loaded and are working yet I have no acceleration and still showing only 7mb of...
  7. florianforte

    Nvidia 1060 but only 7mb showed

    Hello, I have an Asus laptop : Strix Hero II : CPU: Intel Core i5-8300H GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 (6Go VRAM) Ram: 8Go BUT, « About this Mac » show : Intel UHD Graphics 630 7 Mo I read that 7mb meant that Nvidia was disabled but I have Nvidia Web Driver selected in the settings (and...
  8. jwfieldgibson

    Can't get R7 260X 2gb to work on High Sierra

    I've been trying to get my r7 260x to work with High Sierra and can't seem to get it to - the computer works fine, however it only shows up as 7mb VRAM. I've tried injecting ATI (not sure I've done it right though), and have added the device ID (0x066581002) to AMD8000Controller.kext and...
  9. AkaAdonis

    Display 7mb Problems

    Hey guys, So I recently decided to try my first Hackintosh build with what I had laying around. In my case, this turned out to be a Dell Optiplex 380 and an nVidia MSI 750 ti graphics card with 2gb of VRAM. I used the following guide...
  10. dunliddatleh

    GTX1050 7mb VRAM + Screen tear

    Hello people. Any idea what might be causing it and how I can save it? I have Nvidia web boot flag and Nvidia fix up but doesn't seem to work. System reads the GPU but says its a 7 mb VRAM (wtf?) uploaded my myconfig.plist.
  11. NatanielLOL

    Intel HD Graphics 4600 vram 7mb and graphic glitches.

    I need help with my hackintosh. When I installed my Mac OS X High Sierra with Clover I got problem with graphic bugs. When I loging in my screen flashing white bars for some sec. I was thinking that was normal. After that I went to "This Mac" info, and I saw Intel HD Graphics 4600 vram - 7MB (in...
  12. thor780

    [solved] HD 5500 Only Has 7MB VRAM & Extreme Screen Tearing

    Hello, My laptop has some extreme screen tearing when I boot (using Clover) with only Inject Intel, however when I use inject Nvidia and nv_disable=1 in the boot flags it works with only 7MB of VRAM and uses the HD 5500. Here is my config.plist that boots correctly.
  13. mrmacmuffinz

    R9 290x (Sierra) 7mbit VRAM

    Hi Guys, Thanks for taking the time too read this thread. But i have been frustrated the last couple of days because my r9 290x with 4gb vram only shows 7mb vram. Which leads in a very laggy interface and almost no chance too actually use it. The installation went fine i got audio working and...
  14. Kinkade73

    [SOLVED] Nvidia GTX 760 only showing 7mb of Vram

    I recently updated my Hackintosh to MacOS Sierra, using unibeast and multibeast, and it almost entirely works... Except that there are a lot of weird graphical glitches and flickering, and the screen (normally 4k) is limited to 1600x1200. In system info, it says that the Nvidia card only has 7mb...
  15. lmanstl

    VRAM issues

    Im not sure if this is the correct place to put this. I am trying to update to Sierra from 10.11.6 El Capitan, but the App Store says that it can't be installed on my machine. I think the issue is that it thinks I only have 7mb of VRAM. I have an intel i5-4590 cpu and a AMD rx480. If I inject...
  16. nkzexe

    Sapphire R9-290 (non-x) recognize but only 7mb vram

    Hi guys, I post here my little "bug". I installed hackintosh (El Capitan) without too much trouble (first time a hackintosh is ez!), and everything seems to be recognized and functional (even the network chipset!). Only problem, but the big: the graphics card. So I have make some research and...
  17. ionutzm05

    [HP Envy 17t] Trying to install El Capitan - only 7MB VRAM seen

    Hello, First of all, here are the specs of my HP Envy 17t m7-n101dx: Intel i7-5500U processor 16GB RAM 1TB 5400rpm HDD, 256GB M.2 Samsung EVO 850 SSD Intel HD 5500 internal graphics, nVidia GeForce 940M 2GB 17.3 Full HD IPS touchscreen display In order to install El Capitan...