1. in00b

    GPU Fan Control ?

    Hi , I have an evga 770sc on a z170-xp sli from gigabyte. since day one I've found that my computer was loud. at first I thought it was because of my push pull config from my rad, so I switched to a push config and changed all my case fans for noctua fans. Now it is still pretty loud and I've...
  2. bakgroove

    Sierra 10.12.4 ConsiderRebuildOfPrelinkedKernel clean install

    I feel like I am very close but who knows. I am able to install Sierra 10.12.4 but after the restart from my USB in clover, it goes to a grey screen with spinning wheel forever and ever.. Specs: SSD: 500GB Samsung EVO 850 GRAPHICS: Nvidia GTX 770 4gb RAM: Corsair Vengeance CML16GX3M2A1600C10...
  3. visualprox

    Dual GTX 980 ti and GTX 770 failure boot

    Hi there! Recently I've upgraded my rig from GTX 770 to GTX 980 ti. But i really need the two cards work in Davinci Resolve. I can get my rig boot either with 770 or 980 ti but not them together. The screen just stays blank and if I push the power button it turns off immediately, like the...
  4. achooley

    NVIDIA GTX 770

    Hi guys. I have some problems with the NVIDIA GTX770 graphics card. I have to install a web-drivers. But whey I'm trying to use this card in the game I have a performance problem ~ Low FPS, like 15-20. How can I check the correct configuration of all parameters
  5. adderr

    Installing El Capitan on ga-z68x-ud3h-b3, i7 2600k, gtx 770

    Okay so i have been trying to get my windows machine running os x El Capitan for my last year of uni as well as my main development machine as my work laptop will be going back soon and I have learned to love programming on os x. I am trying to get my machine to duel boot windows 7 and El...
  6. 7immer

    Issues with nVidia Geforce 770 + Intel HD4600 with Clover + El Capitan

    Hello, I'm trying to get both my nVidia Geforce 770 and Intel HD4600 Graphics cards to work on clover / El Capitan. Can anyone help me solve the issue of why the onboard intel card works but if I move the DVI cable to the Nvidia graphics then card my display shows nothing! Looking at System...
  7. raviolifaceman

    UniBeast - Starting Darwin crash

    I'm trying to install Yosemite. I have created the UniBeast installer with Multibeast on a USB from a Mac, as per the guide. I noticed that the instant crash and restart happens at: Specs: Gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H i7-4770K Gigabyte GTX 770 8GB 1600MHz I wish to install Yosemite on a 240GB SSD...
  8. cronix

    Asrock z68, i5 2500k, gtx 770 4gb HELP

    Hey guys, so i got my hackintosh fully working. Everything, including bluetooth, speedstepping, graphics acceleration etc., but i got a weird issue, that sometimes when i boot, after the apple logo my screen will just turn off and it won't turn back on until i restart the machine. Sometimes i...
  9. proxii

    Proxii's Gaming Build: MSI Z87-G45 - i5 4670K - EVGA GTX 770

    Proxii's Gaming Build: MSI Z87-G45 - i5 4670K - EVGA GTX 770 - 8GB RAM Components Apple Mac OS X version 10.10 Yosemite https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=915041082&mt=12&ls=1 MSI Z87 G45 Gaming motherboard...
  10. imfamous1590

    Can Any one Help with this Issue? Its urgent!

    I installed mackintosh without any problem, but my graphics card (EVGA GeForce GTX 770) is not getting supported until i boot in safe mode (its getting dedicated in safe mode) & i keep getting error "nvidia ROM Patching Failed!. AsRock Extreme 4 z77 (Custom patched to 2.70) 16 gb ram EVGA...
  11. r3dsn0w

    (Gigabyte) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (4GB) fan is loud, help?

    Whenever I do something graphically demanding such as playing a game or running a benchmark, my video card gets very loud like it's gonna overheat. This is my first Hackintosh, and I've only had it for a few weeks, so I don't know if I have everything I need as far as drivers and fixes go. At...
  12. WebShiver

    Hi All, need a suggestion.... replicate MacPro Workstation for 3D and Video (no games)

    Fall into a Hackintosh world ! replicate MacPro Workstation for 3D and Video (no games) Hi all, finally I want fall into hackintosh world! That's my config: SOCKET 1150 Mobo GA-Z87X-UD7 TH CPU Intel Core i7-4770K Cooler Corsair H100i Fan (x4) Noctua NF-F12-1300 RAM G.Skill RipjawsX 32GB 1866...
  13. BillApp

    GTX 770 Slow for Adobe software

    The hackintosh I built a few months ago with a GTX 770 is being really slow rendering in After Effects and just moving around in 3D space on it lags. I recently was told Adobe doesn't support "GPU acceleration" for the card on OSX. Is there any way to tinker with this to make it work better or...
  14. choronator

    Video Editing + Gaming - 770 VS R9 280X, about to order

    Hey guys. I've been spending countless hours (not a bad thing, quite interesting) in forums reading on what I'm gonna buy without being able to come to a conclusion (bad thing). Here's my situation: Currently have a Dell U2713HM 2560x1440 monitor and I'm planning on buying 2 more when I move...
  15. gakio12

    GTX 770 underperforming - Mavericks

    Alright, so I just upgraded to an nVidia GTX 770, and I am seeing a few problems. Everything works and is stable, but in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Minecraft, my framerate is much lower than the card I upgraded from (AMD 6850). CoD I would get around 91 fps with the AMD, now I only get 25...
  16. wali22

    770 on eternal grey screen

    That is the problem. I already tried "GraphicsEnabler=no". This is the configuration: *GA-X79-UP4 *CORSAIR PLATINUM 2X8 1333 *Gigabyte winforce gtx 770 *Intel s2011 3820 *OSX 10.8.5 sup All works perfect if i put my ATI HD2900 in dvi. ¿Any help?
  17. TelFiRE

    Questions about Haswell Hackintosh, G1 Sniper M5

    I know Haswell support is not confirmed yet, but I'm trying to do some research so I can put together the best possible rig which I can use for professional graphics + video work with Hackintosh as well as high end gaming. I am also hoping for the Hackintosh process to be as painless as...
  18. LEONARDE11

    GTX 770???? or 680 or 670????

    GTX 770???? or 680 or 670???? :crazy: Just seen these on Newegg, is it worth getting instead of a GTX 680 as they are the same price. and also has anyone used one, do they work well in a hackingtosh?? thanks...