1. loske

    Asus H81M-R, i5-4460, 750Ti

    I am about to give mac a shot. Current pc is using following components: Motherboard: ASUS H81M-R CPU: I5-4460 Graphics: Nvidia 750Ti Can anybody see potential problems with this configuration? Thanks in advance
  2. timmen93

    ASRock Z97 Anniversary + Pentium G3258. Any experiences?

    Hey there, I have a computer right now, which exists basically only to run CS:GO. Now I am thinking on upgrading it and running a dual boot to also do my music production on it. The current parts are: - ASRock Z97 Anniversary Edition - Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4,2 GHz (stock cooler) - EVGA 750 ti...
  3. worm6206

    ASUS 750 Ti OC 2GB, get VGA - the one and only - working

    Ok so this card 750 Ti OC and it's brother, 750 Ti PH seems to be a big headache to many people, so let me get things straight: VGA Works - My HDMI and 2xDVI wont work, only VGA does Can't Flash - Flashing VBIOS wasn't a solution for me, freezes&reboot for palit roms and even its own earlier...
  4. TyFuji

    GA-Z97X-UD5H i7 4790k

    Just wondering before I get into it which options I need to select when installing using unibeast, GA-Z97X-UD5H - i7 4790k, Gigabyte 750Ti any and all help would be great
  5. gyrase

    Mostly success with 750ti in 10.10.4! but no audio

    I installed my Gigabyte gtx 750ti using Stork's guide and it mostly went well but I have two new problems now. First the easy one, I added "nvda_drv=1" to the kernel flags in Extra but I think I did it wrong because on the first try rebooting I had a kernel panic. I tried again but added the...
  6. DocTheop

    Stuck at 25% of Yosemite Loading screen

    Hi guys... followed the main post "UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC" all is fine until Step 4 No. 5... I never arrive at the Yosemite installer. Instead, I get stuck at about 25% of the loading screen (grey Apple logo and progress bar). I let it stay this way for...
  7. MacXGamer

    Would this CMM enough for web develpment?

    Would be this build enough for Web development? http://www.tonymacx86.com/building-customac-buyers-guide-may-2015.html#CustoMac_Mini Just 1 change to the build that I dunno if the PSU would be enough to handle. Would I be able to add a 750 ti and make it work with this PSU (250w)?
  8. ryanyeung1224

    anyone can help

    I have a asus p8h61m-lx motherboard, 750ti, and i3 2100 processor. I followed the guide and boot into osx yosemite, i can choose my language in the installation menu, then it just freeze for some reason, did i do something wrong???
  9. dem7w2

    GTX 960 with Yosemite 10.10.2 only partially working

    Symptoms Everything seems to work fine until I try to do something graphics intensive. Unigine Valley Benchmark crashes upon hitting Run and right after the assets load. Same with the game Bastion, except it doesn't crash, it just hangs in a loading zone. Side notes: (1) I haven't gotten my...
  10. ryanyeung1224

    p8h61-m lx plus pls help!!!

    My Specs: motherboard:p8h61-m lx plus cpu:intel core i3 2100 gpu:750 ti my problem: when im installing yosemite with nv_disable=1, my mouse stuck in the top left corner in the language setting and i cant move it at all pls hellllp!!!:thumbup: btw, the keyboard work
  11. intrus22

    EVGA 750TI 2GB Wont let me in USB Yosemite Installer

    I just installed my new EVGA GTX 750TI 2GB FTW and it freezes at the same spot every time (while loading the installer). I tried resetting BIOSand reconfiguring it as stated in tony's guide but nothing. It freezes before the progress bar even reaches the apple logo. I attempted...
  12. iLyRage

    Is my build compatible? What should I do?

    First off, is my build good for a hackintosh? I want to install OS X Yosemite. I have: MOBO: MSI B85-G41 PC Mate LGA 1150 Intel B85 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX High Performance CF Intel Motherboard CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 Haswell Quad-Core 3.1GHz (3.3GHz Turbo) LGA 1150 84W Desktop Processor...
  13. badgesnet

    Dejected and About to Give Up H87M-HD3

    I have been trying for 2 weeks to get to the Mavericks installer screen with no luck whatsoever. Build: Gigabyte h87m-hd3 EVGA 750ti SC 2GB Samsung EVO 120GB DVD ROM Drive 8GB Corsair Ballistic intel i5 4750s 3.5ghz I built this right off the buyers guide section and have tried every boot flag...
  14. ryanyeung1224

    750ti work on hackintosh?!

    Anyone know how to use 750ti on hackintosh????
  15. ryanyeung1224

    Anyone can help pls!!!

    This is the earlier thread that I post. I really hope someone can help me. http://www.tonymacx86.com/mavericks-desktop-support/134343-asus-p8h61-m-lx-plus-plz-help.html#post824127