1. billyb

    750ti Sierra Can't boot without nv_disable=1

    After installing sierra I installed the web drivers, then when i restart to use the web drivers, the screen goes black when the loading bar is about halfway. However, if i put nv_disable=1 in the boot args, it'll boot but the graphics are glitchy and only one of my monitors works. Any advice...
  2. Spinstar

    [SOLVED] Sierra 750 TI Black Screen After Logo (DVI/VGA/HDMI)

    Hi all. I once had Sierra working fine only on HDMI, DVI never worked but i only need one monitor so that's fine. Since I've switched my hard drive and tried to install again, I can't go through the apple logo.. it gives me a black screen. Tried every solution even AGP Fix. I have Inject Nvida...
  3. AbhikLodh

    HDMI Audio showing in System Information But No Audio

    I recently purchased a new monitor and it had a pretty neat feature. On top of hdmi audio, it has a headphone pass through so I won’t have to plug in my headphones in the back (cos my front panel audio is not present...long story). I followed the top pinned post from toleda in HDMI Audio...
  4. ruegen

    Blank screen with web drivers, sierra with ASUS GTX750TI-PH-2GD5

    Hi folks, I have a hackintosh working fine with the basic install however once I have added the nvidia web drivers with clover (and saved it with the latest version of clover) I get a blank screen on both the HDMI & DVI ports. Is there another way around this to get it to work with Sierra...
  5. HackInBuild

    [Solved] Scrambled UI Elements in OS X Sierra

    I'm having an issue with certain UI elements being scrambled in some apps. I'm using OS X Sierra 10.12.0 and the latest web drivers for my 750ti (version: 367.15.10.05f01). Thanks in advance!
  6. kcccs560

    Nvidia GTX 750TI Graphic memory issue

    So I am having an issue with my machine every time I return to my computer after it being on screen saver for over 10 min. I log back in and my computer freezes for about 20-30 seconds and then it slowly starts to come back to life. I have checked some logs and I see the graphic cards memory is...
  7. Doofitator

    Nvidia 750Ti 'block' images.

    Hi, All. I have been using my new hackintosh (Sierra 10.12.5) for a few weeks, fairly problem-free, aside from images sometimes not displaying correctly under certain applications. For example, in iTunes, the following occurs to the apple logo: In Safari: But in any other application, aside...
  8. rolldeepuk

    gtx 750ti asus, wrong resolutions, help!

    so i turned my old dell vostro 260 into a yosemite hackintosh, i have everything working but there is one thing that is bugging the hell out of me and that is that using an asus gtx 750 ti 2gb with latest web drivers I'm getting the wrong resolutions. for example the resolution i want is...
  9. billyb

    second monitor not working sierra (750ti)

    I have installed sierra on my hackintosh and I have two screens a benQ 1080p monitor and an lg 34uc87c 1440x3440 ultrawide. The benQ is connected via VGA to my 750Ti graphics card which is detected and works at full resolution. However my ultrawide is not detected in the OS, which i have tried...
  10. billyb

    Second monitor not detected

    I have installed sierra on my hackintosh and I have two screens a benQ 1080p monitor and an lg 34uc87c 1440x3440 ultrawide. The benQ is connected via VGA to my 750Ti graphics card which is detected and works at full resolution. However my ultrawide is not detected in the OS, which i have tried...
  11. Inthemiddleofnohere

    Need Help for a dual screen setup

    Hello Everyone, a great pleasure to take part of this amazing and outstanding community. First of all, I'm a newbie and with a friend of mine we decided to build up a hackintosh. Thanks to tonymacx86 we focused our efforts on an old setup we had in order to run mac. Despite few little graphic...
  12. ajay1685

    Will my harware be compatible with El Capitan

    I have been out of touch with Hackintosh community for about 4 years, I thought it would be a good start by posting my hardware specs here to see if people have any suggestions on compatibility. OS: El Capitan System: HP Compaq Elitedesk 8300 Convertible Mini Tower Intel i5-3470 (intel...
  13. baddy001

    750ti Sc no audio

    Hello all, I am a new hackintosh builder. I just installed osx 10 11 4, and cannot get the audio to work. Have the correct alc codec and such, the web drivers installed and cannot get any audio through hdmi. I have tried several different things and nothing has worked. Hardware as follows -...
  14. joogz

    Prebuilt Desktop compatibility (Yes, I've seen the parts list)

    Hey guys, I'm looking to install El Captian on a fresh new SSD and dual boot it with my preinstalled Windows 10 installation. I've got one doubt. I looked on the Buyer's Guide and couldn't find two of my components. My motherboard: Asus H97-PRO GPU: Zotac 750Ti. I don't know why they're not...
  15. cyberdogg

    Clover / Nvidia Web Drivers installed but wrong resolution and second screen still dead

    Hi there, I'm a noob but have spent the last 2 days devouring the forum and learning alot. If I phrase things wrongly or show signs of misunderstanding please correct me. I have been running 10.8.5 for ages so recently decided to use a spare SSD to try El Capitan 10.11.3. At first I think I...
  16. cjdelaat

    Cant Boot with 750Ti (10.9.5)

    If anyone could give me some help on running my 750ti on Mavericks it would be greatly appreciated. Currantly have all the drivers including cuda, the computer will only boot with nv_disable=1. Thanks!
  17. aPlays

    Can't install El capitan on Pentium G3460

    Heyy I'm new in hackintosh and I want to install Mac OS X 10.11 on my pc in Dual-boot with Windows 8.1 Pro. my build is a MSI Z97 PC MATE, Pentium G3460, and a GTX 750 Ti with 8GB DDR3 ram. I tried to install El Capitan, i created a bootable installer with UniBeast as in the tutorial, I set up...
  18. omunit

    Graphics issue after OSX software update (Nvidia 750 ti)

    Hi all Yesterday Apple notified me of a Yosemite software update, which I agreed to (i'm a noob at hacks - that might have been a fatal mistake) Anyway it did the usual updates and then restarted, but after reboot it now says that it is reverting to the "default driver" I was using the latest...
  19. loske

    Asus H81M-R, i5-4460, 750Ti

    I am about to give mac a shot. Current pc is using following components: Motherboard: ASUS H81M-R CPU: I5-4460 Graphics: Nvidia 750Ti Can anybody see potential problems with this configuration? Thanks in advance
  20. timmen93

    ASRock Z97 Anniversary + Pentium G3258. Any experiences?

    Hey there, I have a computer right now, which exists basically only to run CS:GO. Now I am thinking on upgrading it and running a dual boot to also do my music production on it. The current parts are: - ASRock Z97 Anniversary Edition - Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4,2 GHz (stock cooler) - EVGA 750 ti...