1. roto31

    Install stops at "End Random Seed ++++...."

    I am not able to get the High Sierra installer USB to boot. It gets stuck at "End RandomSeed ++++..." and will not go further. It was built with UniBeast for High Sierra using Clover Legacy and to inject nVidia. The only thing extra I added was the DSDT for the Dell Precision 690. It appears...
  2. dingdini

    El Cap install on Dell Precision 690 and Dell Precision T5400

    I have two systems that I'm trying to install El Cap on. The first is a Dell Precision 690 and the second is a Dell Precision T5400. I have followed the guide for creating the install media using UniBeast. After creating the usb disk I am then able to get the machines to startup to the Clover...
  3. Mattophobia

    Gtx 690

    GTX 690 Compatibility I'm very interested in getting this card in my propose Hackintosh build. However I can't get a clear answer if it will work. Some places say it won't as OSX doesn't support Dual GPUS. Other places say OSX will just see it as a single GPU and use that, some say OSX has...
  4. saschamt

    Success report GTX 590 -> GTX 690 (Triple-Monitor Setup)

    Just wanted to chime in with a small success report. Using the stock nVidia drivers which come with the 10.8.2 update I was able to upgrade my MSI GTX 590 to an EVGA GTX 690 (that just came in 25 mins ago) just by switching GraphicsEnabler to "No" and dropping the NvClockX.kext. The card runs...
  5. saschamt

    GTX 690 + ML + 3*DVI

    Anyone tried that configuration yet? How many monitors do you get working with DVI? I've had great success with three BenQ XL2410T and my MSI GTX 590 with ML for a few months and look forward to upgrading to a 690 soon.