1. interpolgp

    AMD 6850 Mac OS 10.12.1

    Hey all, I was able to get my 6850 GPU working on 10.10 (fully supported or at least what I think is full support), but on 10.12.1 I continue to fail to get frame buffer to load. I have included a screenshot of IORegistry from 10.10 and 10.12.1. It makes no sense to me as to what the...
  2. aarhin

    Can I make a hackintosh with these components?

    I've been looking all across the internet, and I haven't found anyone who has attempted to build a hackintosh with similar components to the ones that I'd like to use. I'm thinking it's probably because some of these parts are brand new releases (namely the CPU and GPU). I'm pretty new to the...
  3. JoshNYC

    XFX HD6850 ZDFC Fix?

    Hi guys. I'm sure this is a pretty old problem but I couldn't find a fix after looking for about an hour here and elsewhere: I need to hook up a second display to my XFX 6850 card and it's not supporting the second display. If I plug into the top HDMI (with the top DVI port also in use)...
  4. zion99999

    Multibeast options for booting into ML

    Can someone please tell me what settings to use in MultiBeast 5.4.3 so I can boot without Unibeast in the new ML installation. Got no sound either... I currently have - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 Rev 2 FC motherboard with AMD 6850 and i7 980 CPU. Someone mentioned that I should fix my booting...
  5. zion99999

    No Sound after ML Install

    Can someone please tell me what settings to use in MultiBeast 5.4.3 so I can enable sound for the new ML installation. I currently have - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 Rev 2 FC motherboard with AMD 6850 and i7 980 CPU. I'm also stuck where I can't boot without the UniBeast but that is a secondary...
  6. tja

    MSI HD 6850 Triple Monitor 3rd screen rainbow

    hello all, 1st of all thanks to all here who make this possible and thanx for all the help. last week i built - based on the recommendations - a new system. its a GA z77 DS3H sys with ML and i only took my old MSI HD 6850 cyclone from the old machine as it seems it would work with ML...
  7. actionx1

    will only boot in safe mode

    hello everyone, this is my first time attempting this. my set up MSI x58 pro-e XFX HD 6850 i7 920 6gb Ram I installed 10.8 on a clean 1tb hdd. I was able to boot up and log into the OS and install multibeast. From there i was only able to install the network drivers and thats the only thing...
  8. zllangford

    Will these parts be compatible with OS X?

    Hello I have been looking at parts for a while. I already have a 700W ocz power supply and a gigabyte radeon HD 6850, in my current PC, that I plan on using for my new build. I want to use an Ivy bridge 3770K with a GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard. I cannot see to find a thread about compatiblity...
  9. mazenmardini

    No OpenCL on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 with XFX ATI Radeon HD 6850

    Hi, do anyone know to get OpenCL fully working on Lion? I'm using XFX ATI Radeon HD 6850 and I'm getting this error from Luxmark: OpenCL ERROR: clBuildProgram(-11) It's really strange because I thought my graphics card was compatible with Lion and even Mountain Lion. Besides the Luxmark...
  10. jtehler

    Help*getting Gigabyte HD6850 fully working

    Hello everyone, I recently attempted a hackintosh and finally was able to get Mountain Lion installed and working for the most part. The resolution is stuck on the default and I have tried using the Duckweed framebuffer edit at boot but that has not worked. I first would like to get the video...
  11. Optimistjolle

    Mountain Lion 10.8.1, XFX 6850 Znfc

    Hello eyerone. First of all, I must thank tony for making osx on regular pc possible. Also, many thanks to everyone else posting, helping and just being awesome here on the forums. (Have helped me so many times.) I have a small problem, which have made me scratch my head the past days. If...
  12. zdog1230

    Had to Downgrade ATI Kexts (Sapphire 6850)

    I have a Sapphire 6850 and I had to use all the lion ATI kexts in order to get a picture. Do you know why I had to do this? I would like to have the up-to-date kexts on my hackintosh. Thanks :)