1. MartyMacFly

    FCP doesn't word Mojave iris plus graphic 640

    Hello, I tried to run FCP, but the software told the launch that my hardware configuration is not supported, but on the Apple website, the Intel Iris Plus Graphic 640 is supposed to be supported. Configuration: Intel NUC7i5BNK with Intel Iris Plus Graphic 640
  2. misterphoton

    Need help with GPU acceleration, CS6 or CC EVGA 640 or 740 cards

    Hello, I have two EVGA Geforce GT video cards: a GT 740c & a GT 640. I would install the one best for GPU acceleration through your advice. I own Premiere cs6 and am trying to enable either Cuda, Open GL or Open CL. I have been unable to do so after editing the CUDA supported cards txt...
  3. KieranSchenkel

    Need drivers for manual installation with GeForce GT640

    I have two graphics cards right now, a GT640 and a GeForce 8400GS. I have two hard drives, one of which I am trying to install mountain lion on. When I install through Unibeast, it works but for the 8400 I had to move over some of my leopard drivers so that I could successfully boot to mountain...
  4. Thegiordan

    GTX 460 Possible failure, switch to GTX 640 Help Please!

    Never posted here before but I am hoping I can get some help. I've been trying to research for a while and I can't find such a specific problem. So I have a GIGABYTE GA-P67X-UD3-B3 MOBO and I have been running the 460 Fermi graphics card. Everything has been set up and running fine for...
  5. MikkoLapiz

    How to undo OpenCL patch?

    Hello, I tried the OpenCl patch for my card once but now I bought a GT 640 and I would like to keep libclh.dylib unpatched. How can I do it without reinstalling again? I'm using Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Thanks!