1. sen12

    Radeon Vega 64 instantly crashing under high load

    Hi! I just upgraded to a vega 64 (sapphire 8 gb reference edition) from my 980 ti, to run mojave and overall have better performance in macOS, however I'm running into problems. I managed to get dual monitor working with lilu and whatevergreen, and even managed to stop my fans from simulating a...
  2. sen12

    [Solved] Mojave with MSI X99A SLI plus

    Hi! I’m currently running a Sierra install on my system with an MSI X99A SLI Plus, 5820k, 32 gb Kingston 2400 ram, and a 980 ti, but now with the new features in Mojave I decided to upgrade, however this is where my problems start. I tried going off kgp’s guide, but no matter which osxaptiofix...
  3. sanick

    System to challenge: 5820k, x99 Sabertooth, 560ti

    Hello folks, When I finally built my first hackintosh was 8 years ago with i7-920 with a great help from you guys here. Now I am trying to create another one with the below specs: - i7-5820k - x99 Sabertooth - 560ti Twin Frozr - Ripjaws DDR4 16g - Kingston V300 250gb - Seagate Barracuda 1tb -...
  4. JingleDjango

    ASUS x99 Deluxe II & i7 5820K

    I have an issue that isn't strictly Hack related but I thought maybe I could find some help here. I'm starting a new build based on the x99 platform. I thought I'd try to save some money buying used components on eBay. I don't think I'll make that mistake again. Unfortunately I've had no luck...
  5. jamielipp

    CPU Power management not working

    Just recently upgraded from Elcapitan to High Sierra and noticed my power management is no long working have tried a few different things but cant seem to get the clock to throttle on Intel power gadget its always on full (4.1Ghz) I have attached my Config list and a screen shot of Kexts being used:
  6. KittenTamer101

    Asus x99 i7-5820k and Gtx 1070 High Sierra Trouble Installing

    So I have an extra 500gb hard drive in my system that i wanted to install OSX high sierra on to play around with every now and then. However everytime i try to install the install gets nowhere, when try to use -v i can see that it's getting stuck at [pci configuration begin]. I've tried to...
  7. MadGear77

    [Solved] Unable to use Keyboard & Mouse (X99-High Sierra)

    My specs is as follows: i7-5820k Asus X99 Strix Mobo ASUS GTX 980ti I'm unable to use the keyboard and mouse when i go to the lock screen. Does anyone have the same problem ? and how did you rectify it. I'm using the latest version of High Sierra 10.13 and please tell me the values and how to...
  8. itrimble

    I need help. ASUS X99-Deluxe

    Unable to get Nvidia Graphics Web Loader graphics to load. Asus X99-Deluxe CPU 5820k 32GB Ram Raid 1.5 TB GTX 1080 GTX 1070 Sierra 10.12.6 I can only load with Web Graphics Disabled. Lates Clover Install. Unable to get Audio through HDMI
  9. iandw

    What are my chances with a 5820k, an MSI X99 and an MSI 980Ti?

    Hi all, I've been a Mac user for most of my life but last summer I wanted something with a bit more power for 3D modelling than Apple were offering so I built a Windows 10 machine. It's been going fine but there are so many little things that I miss from Mac OS X that I'm tempted to have a go...
  10. TriFlixFilms

    I just want to FCPX better than my iMac

    I borrow my dad's iMac a lot, which scores at 55sec on the BruceX Test. I just want a system that performs better. So what I need to know is if you (the experts) see any issues with this setup outside of the typical clover boot. Based on my research the 280x is currently the best performing...
  11. benwubbleyou

    5820k Not Overclocking on macOS

    Hello, I have a X99 OS X system running 10.12.3 (hesitant to update) and I have been trying to get overclocking working. This overclock is something I am doing after OS X has been installed. My 5820k is tuned in the bios to overclock to 4.5ghz at 1.3v, and while it shows as successful in...
  12. pff

    Can't reach Clover

    Hello guys! I followed this guide to get Unibeast to work on my machine but I can't even reach Clover screen. I only see briefly a white "_" on a black screen then it goes back to bios. Removed all hard drives except the one I'll be using, and unplugged all USB except Mouse. My specs: Asus...
  13. zuzu901

    [UNRESOLVED] Install Sierra on i7 5820k X99 UD3 (GIGABYTE)

    Hello there! I am attempting to install Mac OS Sierra on my desktop. I tried to follow this tutorial, but with proibithion icon after USB boot. Can anyone help me? P.S.: my GPU is a GTX 960
  14. hjohnson02

    x99 system only boots after waiting

    My x99 hackintosh running sierra is running great except for one issue. Whenever I start the machine I have to wait 5 seconds or so once I am on the clover screen. If I let it auto boot after 2 seconds like default or choose boot from OSX right away then I get a kernal panic error. To make...
  15. hjohnson02

    Hackintosh only boots in verbose mode...

    Recently installed MacOS sierra on my x99 system. Everything went smoothly however when booting today I received the prohibited sign. I booted in verbose mode to see the error but to my surprise it booted fine. I repeated the error multiple times with the same outcome; only boots in verbose...
  16. hjohnson02

    [Solved] Guides to installing Sierra on X99 platform

    Just curious if there is any specific guides I should follow in order to get Sierra running on my build or can I just follow the general guide linked here https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/unibeast-install-macos-sierra-on-any-supported-intel-based-pc.200564/ The build parts: CPU: Intel 5820K...
  17. AlexStorm13

    X99 UD7-Wifi 5820K

    Recently my hackintosh crashed (ggwp). I will be rebuilding my setup from scratch because there are some new techniques for achieving a near perfect hackintosh. Describing the steps i take will help you building your own and i can have some interactions with people that have similar hardware...
  18. dez

    FIPS Kernel Post

    I've been getting the following errors since morning and have been unable to figure out the core issue. I've never seen this crash before and I have been unable to find any resolutions for it either. What I've observed: 1. Windows 10 won't boot either. It just shows a blank screen. 2. Even...
  19. questrican

    [Unresolved] X99 ASUS Deluxe II + Core i7 5820K + EVGA GeForce GT 640 Graphics Card + 10.12.3

    Im trying to install OS Sierra via Clover but can't make it past this screen. I've been trying to follow this guide: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/success-asus-x99-deluxe-intel-core-i7-5930k-nvidia-geforce-gtx-680.142794 and this guide which I thought was going to work out...
  20. Adamj200

    El Capitan Apple Logo Loading Bar 0%

    I'm running a x99 USB3.1/PRO, 5820k, gtx 960. I've managed to install the OS but whenever I try to reboot after configuring it I get stuck with an infinite load screen. Currently using boot params: darkwake=0 npci=0x2000 nvda_drv=1 Haven't been able to boot into the OS since closing it down...