1. echoesoflife

    Logic Pro X Crashes on Startup - Ryzentosh Catalina

    Hey respected community! I am finishing my Ryzentosh build (2nd Hackintosh build ever), and I am facing this issue. Logic Pro X crashes as soon as it opens up a project. I tried dumping preferences as per various threads online, but no luck. My hardware: ASUS TUF B550-Plus AMD Ryzen 5600...
  2. n45sc1m3n70

    Problem whit NVIDIA 550TI

    Hi guys, sorry I install Mojave all good but I have a problem whit the video I don't have very good aceleraron, if I move a windows o finder this distortion, but in the Capitan all is ok, any ideas, sorry my English is bad
  3. PatriXtreme

    [Guide] macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on the Acer v3-372 w/ iris 550 graphics with Clover UEFI

    This guide assumes you are installing from scratch ! This guide is for the Acer Aspire v3-372 My Configuration: Intel Core i3-6157u 8GB DDR3l RAM (16GB+ strongly advised for heavy graphics use due to the iris 550 taking up to 4157 mb of your system RAM, will upgrade this as well) 128GB SSD...
  4. Ugg321

    Intermittent Display on Startup - No Display / Graphics Card not Receiving Power

    I'm a first time Hackintosh builder, and my computer is up and running with the exception of one remaining issue. When I push the power button on the case, about 50% of the time everything works fine. I see the fans on the graphics card kicking in, the Gigabyte boot menu displays on the...
  5. mrbobmicjoe

    GTX 550 ti Compatible with Mountain Lion?

    Hey guys, Recently just purchased a GTX 550 ti Super Clocked Edition. I've been browsing the forums and haven't really found a direct answer if my card is 100% compatible with OSX Mountain Lion. I have installed OSX before with my integrated HD 4000 graphics, but gave up because of all the...
  6. ammar577

    GTX 550 Ti Compatibility

    Hi guys, im have been reading through the forums for a while but i have found a clear answer on if the GTX 550 TI is compatible with mountain lion the reason im asking is because its available in the local market here and i only plan to have it for watching HD movies on my Hackintosh and light...
  7. singj

    Nvidia 550Ti Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread

    Nvidia Fermi Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread I've posted in several places that I had my 550Ti working OOB in Mountain Lion. Well, I see now that it's not true! I am having such severe difficulties that I had to revert to a backup of Lion. Something is seriously broken with this card under ML...