1. KruxConcept

    Sony Vaio VPCF236FM

    Hello! I have a quite peculiar laptop and have been searching around the internet to check compatibility but i stopped at a stalemate. This model in specific runs an i7-2760QM (HM65 Cougar Point), and has no multiplexer, just a GT540M that integrates the built-in display and VGA or HDMI...
  2. Gagliano20

    Asus n73sv questions about dual boot

    Hello! i know this is gonna be a little bothering because everyone always probably comes here, does this work does this work bla bla bla, but i have kind of a special case where i really can't find answere's by looking if other peoples setups have worked. i have a 2011 asus n73sv, but it's...
  3. kalauz

    HELP, need DSDT patching turn off 540m

    Please help me with patch dsdt Here my dsdt extract from autopatcher, .dsl and .aml. Asus K73SV-TY250 Intel-Core i5-2410M Intel® HM65 Express ChipsetsDDRIII 1333 4GB *2 17.3" LED-backlit TFT LCD Display resolution: HD+ 1600x900 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M (N12P-GS) DDR3 1GB Intel...