4k editing

  1. jpgannon

    New build for 4k video editing. Have $2.5K to spend and some old parts...advice?

    Hello, I want to upgrade my current (5 year old) build for video editing and am in dire need of some advice. I am essentially a noob, only ever built one hack and have forgotten most of the information about builds. I want to have macOS Mojave running, Thunderbolt, and interested in setting up...
  2. delicious

    Intel 6700K + NVIDIA 1060 6GB - how to make 4k editing faster?

    Hi all, I have an Intel 6700K on an Asus z170 pro gaming, with an NVIDIA 1060 6GB all inside a Fractal node 202 case with a Cryorig C7. My main use for this machine is editing in Adobe Premiere. So far it has been pretty quick and handy but recently I've started doing some 4k Multicam editing...
  3. Metalophono

    First build for 4k editing, help & advise.

    Hi all, this is my first time building a Computer. I would like to know if it is quite enough to be able to work in 4k. Can it work with 16GB RAM and the Intel Core i5-8400 processor? What about the components compatibility? CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 Motherboard: Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Memory...
  4. ArcticPanda

    Would this build work? - Video Editing Rig

    Hello, I've been tasked with building a video editing rig for my girlfriend, so I've been researching Hackintosh builds for the past month. This is the build I've put together so far: Note: Her budget is £1,000 CPU: Intel i7 8700 GPU: Sapphire Pulse RX 580 RAM: Corsair Ballistix LT 16GB...
  5. franzderheld

    High Performance Hackintosh for Rendering & Gaming

    Hello all, I'm using Mac computers for 11 years now. Before I switches to Mac I have built multiple PCs with Windows and not had any problems. Now I'm trying to build my first Hackintosh because Apple can't deliver the performace I need (at least not for the budget I have). Does anyone has tips...
  6. Theodorics

    4K Video Card

    How can I tell if a card is built for 4K, and based on my build, can anyone recommend a card for me to use as an upgrade? I'd especially prefer a card with 3 HDMI ports. Thanks!
  7. Trauman

    First build: 4k video editing Hackintosh.

    Hi everyone! I´ve been working for the last 9 years with a 2009 Imac. Graphic design and photo editing mostly. I´ve started to do some video editing and that poor old machine can´t handle it anymore. So I think is time for an upgrade and i´m going to do it the Hackintosh way. It´ll be my very...
  8. Daanvk

    Advice Needed - First Hackintosh Build: Mainly 4k Photo Editing

    Hello everyone, I'm new here in the hackintosh community and I would love to get some advice/thoughts on my first hackintosh build. I am building a hackintosh for my dad because he is getting tired of selling and buying a new iMac every time it gets outdated. But he doesn't like to take on the...
  9. tHome25

    Hackintosh for Video 4K Editing FCPX AP,LR

    Hi, I would like to build mackintosh for 4K video editing and some Photoshop, Lightroom performance. I need some GPU for my 4K Dell monitor to work with native resolution as well. This build must be stable as hell because i need this to work not for fun. CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K, 4.0GHz, 8MB...
  10. tarbax

    Updating hardware to run hackintosh for fcpx

    im planning to change me x99 platform to a z170. Also a gpu change buth not quite sure i go for amd or nvidia. Want to edit 4K footage with fcpx. Also needs to run photo editing software like ptgui, photoshop, lightroom, etc I am using 3 full HD monitors and going to buy a 4th uhd monitor. I...
  11. tarbax

    Laptop for 4k editing with FCPX

    i am looking for a Lenovo Y50-70 i know it wont handle 4k native i would use a proxy. but im seeing multiple versions of cpu and gpu option1: i5/ 8GB / 256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD / Geforce GTX960M 2GB option2: i7/16GB/256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD or UHD / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4GB option3: mac mini ...
  12. Eyal.m

    Considering a Hackintosh Build for 4K video editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)

    Hello friends! I would love to hear some opinions about a Hackintosh build I'm assembling! This is my first Hackintosh build, and I am looking for some pro opinions before I start purchasing hardware. This computer will be used in editing 4K videos using Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, And...
  13. iNFAM0USxHAV0C

    X99 Chipset Advice (4K Editing Goal)

    I wanna preface that my main goal to building this Hackintosh is to get a STRONG 4K video editing machine to at least handle the load that 4K footage requires for rendering and such. That being said, these are the parts that I am interested in buying and sticking pretty closely to: CPU...
  14. iNFAM0USxHAV0C

    X99 Chipset Questions (4K Editing Goals)

    I apologize, I moved this thread to the proper area under Buying Advice.
  15. aksaklani

    Using Nvidia Quadro Cards for 4K Editing

    Hi, I looked at the entire forum but couldn't find the proper post regarding this. I was wondering if we can use any Nvidia Quadro Card in our workstations? I was looking for a setup for 4K editing platform. Or using 980Ti or Titan X would be equally useful?
  16. dirofphoto

    4K Editing Mini-ITX build with Lian li PC-Q19 Chassis

    Hello, Before I even start, I want to thank you for your responses and help. I am new to this game and am open to any advice, assistance and cheerleading any one can give. I am looking to build a Hackintosh 4K Editing system with an Lian Li PC-Q19 (Tall Slim Chassis) and make it as fast and...