4k display

  1. geoffoliver

    Native 4K with Radeon 5500 XT

    I'm having an issue getting my display to output higher than 1080p. I can adjust the scaling on the display through system prefs to achieve a higher resolution, but I feel like I shouldn't have to do that... Maybe? I've got a 5k iMac that, by default, outputs 2560x1440, so I would expect a...
  2. dumpcoke

    UHD630 black screen for a while after wake up from sleep

    Hi, I followed the OC guide and installed Catalina 10.15.4 on my PC (Opencore 0.5.8), the installation process went very well. Most functions work well except the following display issue. My PC connects to a LG monitor via DP, each time it wakes up from sleep, the monitor screen will go black...
  3. hitINdaGs

    Mouse LAG/FREEZE/HANG using new RT 5700 XT GPU

    I recently changed my GPU from a GTX 680 to a RT 5700 XT on Catalina 10.15.2. Performance is great, however my biggest concern is a lag/freeze/hang thingy that happens to my mouse. It cyclically freezes every 4 seconds for a short moment. USB doesn't seem to be the issue as it also happens on a...
  4. PacMan

    [Help] Dell Broadwell HD5500 4K can't get full resolution

    Hi, I have this 4K buit-in display and I'm not being able to reach the 3840x2160 resolution nor 1920x1080 HiDPI. The display works up to 3360x1890 (non HiDPI), and scaled to 1680x945 (HiDPI), but any resolution higher than that gives me a black screen with backlight. I've changed the BIOS to...
  5. JingleDjango

    RX580 Interference/Visual Noise (Mojave)

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a graphical issue before I send my new GPU back for a replacement. -I bought a new display for a CustoMac mATX build (100% based on the Buyer's Guide). -The display is a BenQ 28 inch 4K HDR Monitor (EL2870U). -GPU is a Sapphire RX580 Pulse 8GB, as per the Buyer's...
  6. ShippoLover

    Custom Resolutions & A Rotated Display

    Hi all, First Hackintosh build here in about 10 years, but after about two days of toiling around with the installer, Clover, and the Nvidia web drivers, I finally managed to get a fully functional High Sierra 13.6 installation running on my computer. I suppose everything is working as...
  7. Dell

    [Help] Screen Issues Dell Inspiron 7548 HD5500 4K

    Hi. I installed mojave on my laptop but i cannot use it. I get a gray screen after the apple logo finish loading, if I pres keys like ESC or the spacebar I'm able to see for a fraction of a second the window, and then returns to the grey screen. I was able to login entering the password with the...
  8. SimonT

    How to get a true 4k monitor

    I'm looking to upgrade my monitor, and ideally want something that can at least get close to the retina screens used in an iMac, 27 inches or bigger, but without spending an arm and a leg. I've been looking at lots of models, and came across a comment on Amazon which made sit back and rethink...
  9. Bingege

    HELP!!!Can my PC install Mojave?

    My configuration Cpu: i7-7700HQ Mother board: HM175 Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400MHZ Screen resolution: Sharp·uhd 3840*2160 Many of my laptop computers say that Mojave and High Sierra can not be installed. Because my BIOS can't set DVMT. Crack DVMT invalid.
  10. pingram

    New Monitor 4k during boot then 1080p - Old 4k 2160p

    GTX960 w/ Web and Cuda drivers 378.05.05.15f01 macOS 10.12 - full 4k over HDMI2 was working great! [Old Monitor Issues] Started having issue with older Seiki 43" 4k flickering, screen going blank and then coming back, sometimes repeatedly and often seemed to be reactive to things on the...
  11. alexnmt

    Screen Size and Resolution too large

    Hi all, Recently inherited an Asus GTX 680 and a 43 inch LG 4k TV and having some issues getting them to play right in High Sierra. Basically, MacOS thinks the screen is a 107 inch (6720x3780) screen in About This Mac. It thinks it is a 5k (5120x2880) within system report. Within the...
  12. fat227stuff

    Wrong 4k scaling

    So I just set up a 4k TV with my machine, and I'm having trouble getting it to work correctly. It reads as a hidpi 4k display just fine. And if I go to the "smallest" setting it says it's true 4k. But looking at the screen I can tell you it is definitely not rendering at that revolution. Based...
  13. ninosetola

    Coffee Lake 8700K + 4K @ 30hz via HDMI on HSierra

    Good day gents, Upgraded yesterday from kaby lake to coffe lake as per my signature After installing High Sierra 10.13.4 can not manage to have a 4K 30hz output from integrated Intel HD630/HDMI only Any suggestion? Thanks everyone
  14. A-Funny-Name

    Good GPU for Photoshop and a 4K display

    Hi all. I have built my first Hackintosh. As a Noob, I just bought a cheap GPU, the GTX1050 with 2GB DDR5. Everything was going well, until I drop in a new 4K display and fired up Photoshop and started working on large files. My whole system was so slow, it was unusable. I finally worked out...
  15. christianmagill

    Nvidia driver issues, or is Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050TI 4GB insufficient for 4K + 2K?

    I recently updated my system with a 4K monitor (Dell P2715Q) to run beside my 2K monitor (U2715H). I also upgraded my video card to Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050TI 4GB (GV-N105TOC-4GL). After installing the new video card, along with Nvidia web drivers (378. and High Sierra...
  16. LukasRT

    HS on Nehalem?

    Hi Guys, I can't stop thinking about my first hackintosh build. Why? I use MBPr 13" mid 2014 i5/8GB/256GB. After connection to my Dell P2715Q 4K workflow is slow, lagged and unsmooth.. So I would like spent some money to build some cheap and little bit stronger configuration than my MBPr, and...
  17. RyanKluff

    [solved] Intel UHD 630 Graphics Problem High Sierra

    Hey guys, I just build my first Hackintosh with a Gigabyte z370xp SLI with an i7 8700k processor and I am using a dell p2715q monitor. I do not use a graphics card and am using the Intel UHD630 Graphics from the processor. Heres the problem, When I boot up macos, it starts out in 4k, but at...
  18. RyanKluff

    4k i7 8700k UHD 630 not working

    Hey guys, So I just bought a dell p2715q 4k monitor and Im having trouble getting 4k to work properly. I have scanned through the forums here and changed my IntelGFX to various settings found on here, and it boots into 4k but the 4k is flickering and when I open certain applications they crash...
  19. Frixx1

    Hi! There I can change the screen resolution?

    Hi all! I have a truble... I can't change the resolution of my 4k screen... (3840x2160)... In >System settings<>Monitors< I have only 1024x768... macOS Sierra My pc... i5-2320 Asrock h61de/s3 Ram 8000 mb Msi 1060 6 gb Sorry for my english... ))
  20. gors6607

    Optimum CustoMac for design/film editing software

    Hi, I am looking into building a CustoMac for an upcoming business venture. I would like a rig that has plenty capability to run weighty graphic design software (Serif DrawPlus, Adobe Illustrator), as well as some hefty film editing suites (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro etc.). Ideally, I...