4k @60hz

  1. ibhuiyan

    Getting 2K Resolution on 4K Dell Monitor

    I recently purchased Dell Optiplex 3080 Micro computer and successfully installed Ventura on it. Performs really well. The only problem I have now is that my 4K Dell Monitor (U3223QE) is running at 2K resolution instead of 4K. I am using display-port and it works just fine on Windows. Ventura...
  2. kokhoe8

    [SOLVED] Catalina keeps rebooting with 4k monitor, GT730

    Hi everyone, I have been using Catalina for a while now, everything was working on a Dell 2k 23" mon but i just got a 4k monitor and changing to use it While i still cant maximise the 4k monitor (now its 2,560 x 1,440) but the issue was the frequent reboots every time i started the hackintosh...
  3. f1zzas

    Z490 VISION D and Dual Monitor with iGPU via TB3 port, possible?

    Hello guys, I have Z490 VISION D motherboard and now using with RX VEGA 64, but I want to sell this gpu and use iGPU for a while with Dual Monitor setup. My question is it possible to connect two monitors via Thunderbolt 3 port? I have tried this setup with Windows and it works very well, but...
  4. prowlmedia

    1080Ti - second 4K Monitor refresh @30 not 60?

    So anyone have any idea why my second Phillips 4K monitor referesh is low PHL BDM3275 Monitor does work at 60 when it's on it's own. Cable checked and swapped over - So they are both 4k / 60 compatible. Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Type: GPU Bus: PCIe Slot...
  5. skydevment

    GTX 1060 OSX 10.13.4 1080p HiDPI @60 not working

    Hello folks, i'm running a hackintosh since two or three year without any major problem. After i've made the update to 10.13.4 i'm having some trouble with my HiDPI setup. Before the update i've used the OSX settings to mange the resolution of my DELL P2415Q. Now after i've made the update the...
  6. ericNdfw

    Kaby Lake build for dual 4k on High Sierra

    I have Kaby Lake i5 that I'd like to build on and am looking for advice on motherboard and graphics card: 1. I've had trouble with my current ASUS Prime Z270-AR during my first, failed hackintosh install on it a while ago so I'm open to upgrading to one of the Customac recommended MB's. 2. I'd...
  7. illologist

    Running two displays (one 4k) on Geforce GTX 970 SSC?

    With your help, I've set up a lovely Hackintosh, which I mainly use for web development work and some photo editing in Lightroom. I'm now considering getting a second display, and I've got a question about hardware compatibility. Is the Geforce GTX 970 SSC card I've got now powerful enough to...
  8. MeloMilo

    I can't get a 4k resolution with Intel hd 630

    Hi guys, i build my first hackintosh, and all works very good, only the Graphic isn't very good. The resolution has to be 4k but it under FHD(full hd)... can any one solve this problem ? My Hardware: -mobo: GAH270M-DS3H -prozessor: Intel i5 7600k -graphic: Intel hd 630 -memory: Ballistic Sport...
  9. dmitry_matora

    Nvidia choppy Launchpad under heavy Safari usage on HiDPI above 1080p

    I'm running GT 1030 video card with Nvidia Web Drivers (the only option for this card), and launchpad is sometimes choppy at high resolutions, which can usually be solved by going to lower resolution, and back. It doesn't happen often on 1080p@60Hz HiDPI and when it does, I can be sure that...
  10. mysqto

    HD530 AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer 4K DP port Missing

    Hi Recently I'am working on a customMac (High Sierra 1013.1) build with Asus H110S2(which has one DP & one HDMI port) and Intel Core i7-6700T (on board HD530 Desktop GPU), everything works nice with Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext using the -lilubeta -igfxbeta boot args except 4K@60Hz...
  11. the_gael

    Only 30hz refresh rate - Sierra 10.12.5 - nVidia GTX 750TI - 4K Panasonic TV

    In Mac OS I only get 30hz when screen is driven at 3840x2160. I have a triple boot system with Mac OS / Windows 10 / Elementary OS When I boot into Windows 10 my refresh rate is 60hz when resolution is set to 3840x2160. I would like to achieve 60hz in Mac OS as well. I suspect this must be a...
  12. Weissbier

    [Solved] Should I rebuild the system if I replace the current GTX 1050 Ti by a GTX 1060 card?

    2017-05-15 update: Everything works fine after replacement. NO need to re-install/install anything. Hello there, Currently I have Sierra (10.12.4) running on a 6700K / GA Z170X-UD3 / GA GTX 1050 Ti G1 Gamming 4G / Corsair DDR4 2400 8G x4 built Everything seems OK, except dual 4K@60Hz to Dell...
  13. feklhr

    4K Monitor @ 60Hz Pascal Issue

    Hi guys! So I successfully updated to 10.12.4 and installed the driver to use my GTX 1080 and it is incredible! However, and old issue has returned for me..... I am now not able to get 60hz at 4k resolution. I actually can not get 60Hz at anything over 1080p. Before upgrading to 10.12.4 and...
  14. MrTurbo

    Mac OS Sierra - Display Port/Graphics Issue

    Hello all, I am new to the world of Hackintosh (and new to this community too :)) and just got my PC built and installed both Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra using Unibeast and Multibeast. Installation was successful however I have below issues. I am using 4k monitor from Dell (P2715q). Initially...
  15. Nonoy

    MacOS X Multi-GPU support

    I am currently running three monitors on my Haswell based Hackintosh using the integrated GPU (2 @ 1600x1200, 1 @1920x1200). I'm planning to upgrade at the end of the year to three 4k monitors, so the question of the day is whether or not MacOS can recognize two separate GPUs (one integrated...
  16. evohack

    How can I get 4K resolution at 60Hz on ASUS PB287Q?

    Hi, I spent hours on internet searching how to get 4K at 60hz on my Asus PB287Q. So I decided to write this thread hoping someone helps me to fix the issue. :) Let me explain my scenario. I build an Hackintosh with the OS X 10.11.5. Motherboard GBT Z97M-D3H, CPU i3 and 8GB RAM. I recently...
  17. msteele

    Need help with Yosemite-GTX 770-DP 1.2--> unable to get 4K@60hz

    Hi everybody! I've searched internet forums everywhere and bought several different adapter/cable combos and I cannot get my GTX 770 4GB to output 4K@60hz on my Seiki SE42UGT tv. The TV is absolutely capable of the refresh rate and switched to HDMI 2.0 mode. (Though system thinks its only 20.5...
  18. shavenraver

    What are Min requirements? 4K 60Hz

    So I've gone and bought a new GFX card (EVGA 740 2GB), but alas its max resolution (4k) only runs at 30Hz. What's the cheapest card you would recommend to solve this issue Mucho Gracias