1. Gobachoaf

    El Capitan Installation Error, Backtrace (CPU 6) Frame : Return Address

    Hey guys, this is my third hackintosh attempt, and like every other time, i've run into problems. I successfully mounted El Capitan to a 32GB USB 3.0, but I have it in a USB 2.0 slot, with USB 3.0 disable in the bios, since I hear it causes problems. That being said clover bootloader loads fine...
  2. james7891

    Easiest x99 build guide?

    So the time has come to build my next Hack and since I edit for a living I decided to focus on this area. I'm obviously going to benefit more from a higher amount of cores so I'm going with the 5820K. I've been looking on the internet for a few days now and I cant find a clear enough build guide...
  3. javizs

    Kernel panic in reebot after installation in Yosemite.

    Gigabyte GA X79 UD3 i7 4820k MSI Gtx770 OC I have installed Yosemite following the tutorial with Unibeast and Multibeast I use this flags for installation: -x -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 cpus=1 to install I installed it and reboot but when i install the multibeast and reboot without...
  4. rjc0

    iboot Ivy Bridge - Asus P9X79Pro - i7 4820k - Failure To Reach SL Utility - Shutdown

    Hi, first post, first hackintosh, total failure after following the SL + iboot Ivy Bridge tonymac guide to get an OS install to then upgrade for Ivy Bridge, after much forum searching still no go. Trying to install SL on a Asus P9X79Pro, i7 4820k, 32GB Crucial Tacticle 1.3v, MSI Overclocked...
  5. zearth

    Asus Sabertooth x79 and Intel 4820k?

    will this system works for hackintosh? also side question if I buy Asus Sabertooth x79 do I need to used old CPU model like 3820k just to be able to update the new bios for the latest support for Intel 4820k. thanks
  6. deffe

    Computer Extremly Slow after installation - GA-X79-UD3

    Hi everyone. I just managed to get a full installation of Maverick to complete combined with this hardware GA-X79-UD3 4820K 16GB RAM Radeon 5870 * 2 (two cards) I also have the ability to switch to one GTX760 But the computer is extremely slow, if I move the mouse it takes almost 1 second...