1. kirknorbury

    Help! Hard Drives not showing up in El Capitan. 4790K, GA-Z97X-Gaming 3

    Hello, I've got pretty much everything working in El Capitan and it boots great from my SSD with the 750 TI but for some reason my other SATA drives aren't showing up at all. I can see them in the BIOS but not on El Capitan. Can anyone help please? :) Cheers, Kirk
  2. feb289

    [Q]From Snow Leopard to El Capitan or Mavericks?

    Hey guys! Its been so long since I did a hackintosh. Approximately 2 years have passed since I used my hackintosh system and now I want to do it again with better hardware! My current specs right now are: Intel 4790k Asus H97M-Plus Avexir 2x8GB 1600Mhz Zotac GTX 970 Samsung 840 Evo 120GB...
  3. 8Bitsy

    New Hackintosh Build Issue ? -- Can Any Body Help Me Please

    Hi All :) I Built a Hackintosh about 3 Years ago & I am now in the Middle of an Upgrade. I Purchased a GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 MOBO + i7 4790K + ( GT740 SC EVGA " Not Fitted Card Yet ! " ) i Seem to be hitting Problems getting the Install Started and keep getting to a blank black Screen. Here is...
  4. poljaap

    What Would You Buy: Skylake or trusty 4790K?

    So i'm new to Hackintosh. I'm running Win10 happily now, but i'd like to go OSX on my terms (hardware) and run Win10 alongside in dualboot. At the moment i'm running my trusty Core 2 Quad Q9400 which is getting a little obsolete. I'm now modding a G5 case to fit my new system. I'm taking my...
  5. thekronz

    So close! Freezing and start-up issues. 10.10.2 / Z97x-UD5H / i7-4790K / GeForce GTX 650 / Chimera

    Hey everyone. This is in reference to the build in my info/the title. Smashing my head against the wall over this one. Got everything up and running. Have been using it frequently, edited a music video on it, no problems, except for some small quirks. Quirk 1: So at first, it took 2-3...
  6. TyFuji

    GA-Z97X-UD5H i7 4790k

    Just wondering before I get into it which options I need to select when installing using unibeast, GA-Z97X-UD5H - i7 4790k, Gigabyte 750Ti any and all help would be great
  7. lalutte

    Clover boots flawlessly from USB, no go from HDD

    I followed the TonyMacx86 guide and had no trouble getting 10.5 to install and boot using Clover as long as the USB key I installed from is in. I can restart as often as I like, not a problem. I installed Clover with the same settings and all the kexts recommended along with the HD4600...
  8. SyntheCypher

    Booting to Install Yosemite Stuck

    I managed to boot the Yosmite installer from UniBeast using these boot flags. npci=0x3000 PCIRoot=0 PCIRootUID=1 cpus=1 maxmem=2048 USBBusFix=Yes nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=No "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@60" UseKernelCache=No -v I then booted back into the UniBeast and tried...
  9. winhata

    Still waiting for root device - error

    Hello, I've got a problem while starting setup. When he boot he always stuck at still waiting for root device. I have read the last 24 h all about it. I tried very much things but nothing worked for me alsways same error at the same line.:banghead: Thanks for any help Dominik
  10. esse

    Yosemite - storage raid 0

    Hi all, i just built an Hackintosh for video-editing/color-grading pourpose: MOBO: ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA CPU: i7 4790K RAM: 32 GB (G SKILL F3-2400C10D-16GTX) GPU: EVGA GTX TITAN 6GB OSX SSD: SAMSUNG 840 250 GB W7 SSD: SAMSUNG 840 PRO 256 GB Using Clover, everything works fine (Yosemite...
  11. Felibonilla

    Felibonilla's Build: Gigabyte Z97-HD3P / i7-4790K / GT 760 4GB

    Felibonilla's Build: Gigabyte Z97-HD3P / i7-4790K / GT 760 4GB Components Gigabyte Z97-HD3P http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K8HNFIO/ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128717 Intel Core i7-4790K http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KPRWAX8/...
  12. the3030club

    Help! GA-Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | IGFX | DVI+HDMI | Yosemite Build

    Hey guys, I recentled upgraded my mobo and cpu from a 3770k (and i forget the exact motherboard) to the config mentioned in the title. I know it’s a minor upgrade, but i needed to shuffle some things around and it is what it is. Prior to the upgrade the build was rock solid, but now i’m...
  13. smp4502004

    Help with last errors on Clover build (IOUSBFamily and IOPlatformPluginUtil)

    Finally got the last big error fixed with the Nvidia web drivers. My system seems to be running fine, it just takes a little longer to boot up, especially because of the IOUSBFamily error, since it keeps retrying. My system is using Clover as a bootloader, a Gigabyte Gaming 7 Mobo, and an i7...
  14. Roundboy2007

    [SOLVED] Trouble Installing Yosemite on New Build

    Hi I am having trouble installing Yosemite onto the PC I just built that I intend on turning into a Hackistosh. The part are am using are as follows: - Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H Intel LGA1150 Z97 ATX Motherboard Intel Core i7 i7-4790K CPU (Quad Core 4GHz, Socket H3 LGA-1150) Corsair 32GB (4x 8GB)...
  15. wpmvp67

    *ALMOST* working Yosemite build

    Hi all! I've been saving and building my computer for months now and struggling to get it to work with Yosemite, but I finally have it up and running. I just need to get a few things working as well as ironing out some issues. First and foremost, here are my core specs: - i7-4790k -...
  16. xszander

    First time, need some help!

    Hello everyone, I need some advice on what parts I should buy for my customac pro.I went down the list of supported hardware and I have found some myself.But since I have done my research on that hardware I can conclude it will possibly be too hard for me to build it with those...
  17. xszander

    What should I buy? Any recommendations? 4790K?

    Hello everyone, I need some advice on what parts I should buy for my customac pro. I went down the list of supported hardware and I have found some myself. But since I have done my research on that hardware I can conclude it will possibly be too hard for me to build it with those...
  18. diegobrondo424

    INSTALLATION PROBLEM Yosemite Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 5 + i7 4790k

    Good afternoon, this is my first post. Buy a desktop computer with the following characteristics: Intel i7 4790k Gaming Motherboard Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 5 KINGSTON HYPER X Black 16 Gb Ram 1866 Mhz SAMSUNG SSD 120 GB 840 EVO INSTALLATION I performed steps 1, 2 and 3 of the...
  19. AngeloEmrys

    z97 Pro(Wi-Fi ac) i7-4790K GTX 980 ACPI Yosemite install Kernel Panic

    The story so far. Some time ago I started ordering parts for a new computer. Sometime during that process, I decided that I’d like to try a hackintosh. Actually I’m trying to triple boot, but we can focus on the hackintosh part for the time being. The relevant parts are: ASUS Z97 Pro...
  20. WalroZz123

    Yosemite Build February 2015 - Troubleshooting

    Yosemite Build February 2015 - MSI z97i ACK Mini-ITX - Trouble Installing Hi there, i am having trouble installing. The installer stops after loading the Bluetooth, @ around 15% in. i have disabled Intel VT-D and CFG Lock in Bios as recommended on this site. i have also tried...