1. sebadier

    Dark flashing screen after displaysleep or sleep - Catalina - Opencore

    Hello everybody, I finally managed to get most of my T540p Hackintosh working. My main problem is though: When the display get to sleep, it won't turn back on. I would only get a black screen with random white flashes. Any experience or solution for that? Also I had to choose platform-id...
  2. zzmattiazz

    << Solved >> Can't Enable 60Hz on 4K Monitor

    Hi,I Hope you can help me.... I bought a 4k monitor a while ago but after a lot of attempts I can't enable 60Hz on my hackintosh. My Intel HD 4600 fully support 3840x2160 at 60Hz only on Display Port, I use Windows 10 on that resolution and it works perfectly. Now I tried to add the frame buffer...
  3. abhilash29

    [solved] Intel HD Graphics 4400 1536MB - No kext loaded - 10.13.4

    I'm not able to get full QE-CI. Everything lags and flickers. Currently on Dell Inspiron 7537 Haswell. Can someone help me with this? I'm on High Sierra 10.13.4
  4. khriswithak

    Intel Quick Sync????

    I use FCPX a lot and I just came across a post talking about Intel Quick Sync and how it helps with rendering times. How do you check if that is enabled? And how do you enable it if it is disabled? I have a i7-4790K with 4600HD integrated gpu + MSI GTX 960 + GA-Z97N-WIFI and I'm on El Capitan
  5. Blackwolf008

    Razor Blade 2015 Intel HD 4600 No Graphics Acceleration

    Followed Rehabmans guide to installing the graphics Accelerator. I have tried countless hours with no success. Here is the guide that I followed http://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/fix-intel-hd4200-hd4400-hd4600-mobile-on-yosemite.145427/ I first went into /Systems/Library/Extensions and...
  6. btx926

    Can't set resolution

    So, I have my HD4600 working correctly. The BDMESG confirms this --------------------------------------------------------- INTEL DEVICE INFO -------------- --------------------------------------------- Class code: [0300] Intel HD Graphics 4600 [8086:0412] (rev 06) Subsystem: [1849:0412] ...