1. kartagis

    How come AR-9285 is working on my laptop?

    In this guide, RehabMan says Apple removed support for Atheros cards. If so, how come I have a working AR-9285 in my laptop? Could it be because I installed the attached? System Information screenshot is below.
  2. Renekton97

    [solved] HP 4540s Drivers

    Recently I installed MAC High Sierra on my laptop HP 4540s. But I don't have drivers for PS2, I can't locate in multibeast, also can't open other options in multibeast, when I try to click on categories at Network drivers, it simply won't open. Also my biggest concern is wifi driver, I have...
  3. guillegomez

    [solved] ProBook 4540s No Audio After High Sierra Install

    No audio after After High Sierra clean install. Hp ProBook 4540s Intel core i7 Graphics: HD 4000 I tried Repair permissions and Rebuild cache but no luck. I'm attaching my config.plist Any ideas?
  4. ostadnart

    wrong patch and problem in boot to hdd

    I have probook 4540s and high sierra installed on it. but battery statuse not worked. i patched dsdt and replace it on patched folder in efi/clover/acpi. now i cant boot to hdd anywhere.i try to boot by usb but no chance. i do misstake in patching. is there a way to copy clover folder from usb...
  5. BhAvZzZ

    [solved] Audio broke after 10.13.1 update

    Hello all Since the 10.13.1 update on my probook 4540s, my audio broke and even after multiple reboots, it's still not working. Also, I feel like the HDA pre-fix patch link in the rehabman probook/elitebook guide post, is broken, it's taking me to a random post on the original post in...
  6. BhAvZzZ

    Updating to 10.12 Probook 4540s and clover issues

    I've been trying for multiple days to get my probook updated to 10.12. I used the Hotpatch method from rehabman when installing, although strangely I had issues with Clover on installing in that it refused to install to the EFI partition even though it was set to install to UEFI only and I...
  7. tota

    Sierra GM on Probook 4540s, all good except couple of glitches!!

    After upgrading using @RehabMan 's guide I have everything working except, > Hotkeys (fn keys) not working for brightness or sound > No settings option for touchpad in system preferences, so tapping & dragging option is not available anyone knows how to get this working please?
  8. SgtRoswell

    Prebook 4540s - El Capitan Audio and Battery

    Here I go again after a long time. Well I clean installed El Capitan on my new SSD on 4540s. Followed the new Guide and I believe I must have done something wrong that everything else works well but no audio and no battery status. @RehabMan kindly need your assistance in this :) Note that on...
  9. iKurt

    Hp Probook 4540s - Blank Screen After Apple Logo

    Hello, thanks for your time taken to read this post. The Problem: So, when I boot my machine up into the Clover I use these boot flags: IGPlatformID=01660003 IGPEnabler=No -x Then I start Mavericks, and the Apple logo appears then a loading wheel appears, then a progress bar appears. It gets to...
  10. milosheski

    MAC OS X El Capitan od HP ProBook 4540s

    Hello, I want to make my first Hackintosh on my HP ProBook 4540s. The specs are: Intel CPU Pentium 2020M - Ivy Bridge Intel HD Graphics (HD 2500) 8 GB of RAM 750GB od Hard Disk 5200 rpm Can You please help me, I was able to boot into installation menu with UniBeast 6.1.1 and selected the UEFI...
  11. BhAvZzZ

    [solved] Probook 4540s... Buetooth Issue + Handoff, continuity

    Hi members of tonymacx86 Thank you for all the wonderful guides and resources. Thanks to you I've had an excellent stable Hackintosh for years on my ProBook 4540s. I just have a smallish issue, as per your advisory, I purchased the BCM94352HMB Bluetooth LE and Wifi ac card for my notebook, and...
  12. jeremygardnm

    Intel Pentium 2020M

    Has anybody had any experience hackintoshing a 4540S with a pentium 2020M. Are there any problems with this processor?
  13. chrispk

    HP Probook 4540s - Sandy vs Ivy CPU/Motherboard

    Hi, I'm a newcomer here but have recently bought a Probook 4540s with the intention of both turning it into a hackintosh as well as upgrading it in the future. Laptop specs are as follows: HP Probook 4540s Core i3-2370M/HM76 Intel HD 3000, 1366x768 I feel pretty confident about getting to...
  14. NeuroTs

    Problem with Mavericks installed on HP ProBook 4540s

    ​Hello everyone! It's the first time that I write on this forum. I wish you could help me! First, I wanna thank you all for the great help you give everyday to us! This website helped me soooo much last year. I saved around 500 euros thanks to you guys, since I needed a Mac but it was too...

    My triple boot config.plist is messed up...

    So here goes.. I have an HP Probook 4540s currently in a dual boot with OSX 10.10.3 and Windows 7. I use Clover as a bootloader from EFI. I have created a new ext4 partition, installed Mint Linux on it and installed the Linux bootloader to the EFI partition. I can successfully boot Windows and...
  16. pokermasterzor

    Bios alternatives?

    Hi there i'm sort of a newbie to alternate bioses or even updating but I was curious if there were alternate bios solutions for the hp probook 4540s
  17. SgtRoswell

    1080p 4540s Color Profile Original

    I updated my screen 1080ps AUO17ED however struggling with color profile. I don't like the reddish screen so I was wondering if anyone could provide me 1366x786 original profile which I'm used to. Anyone with normal screen for 4540s can you please provide me your original windows color profile...
  18. michaeloneill94

    Webcam Problems with FaceTime

    I'm having a unusual problem with using my probook 4540s webcam with facetime in mavericks. The camera works with photobooth perfectly, as well as the cameraControl application provided by the probook installer. However, as soon as I open facetime the image freezes. So what I do then is, close...
  19. michaeloneill94

    3 Finger Gestures - ProBook 4540s

    Hi I've just installed Mavericks on my HP Probook 4540s. Everything seems to be working fine, except for 3 finger swipe gestures. The two finger scrolling gesture works. But I want to have the 3 finger swipe down for mission control, and two finger swipes for changing desktops like I do on my...
  20. TGDrakaRG

    Caps Lock always on on ProBook 4540s with Mavericks installed...

    Hello! Have successfully installed Mavericks on an HP ProBook 4540s (OSX 10.9.2). The processor is a 2.39 GHz Intel Core i3. The internal keyboard and trackpad are working, but the Caps Lock on the internal keyboard is 'always on'. If I plug in an external keyboard, everything is fine. I...