1. enkidu

    Graphics errors after 1080p LCD Panel Upgrade

    I have a 4530s model XU015UT#ABA. I did a teardown to clean up some liquid and I cracked the lcd panel when trying to snap the bezel back on. After doing some research, I decided to order the AUO B156HW01 v4 1080p Glossy LCD panel from LaptopScreen.com. They instead sent me the AUO B156HW02 v5...
  2. jakelarrsnelson2

    Webcam not working

    Every time I do fresh install of Mac OS X Lion or Mac OS X Mountain Lion using unibeast, I never got my webcam to work. It won't load or turn on the led. It does detect my webcam as "HP HD Webcam [fixed]" in usb list. But it still won't load in ANY app or websites. If you have any kext or patch...
  3. taskrov

    Successfully updated of HP 4530s ProBook (A7K05UT#ABA) from ML 10.8.1 to 10.8.2

    This worked for me. The update to ML was done with ProBook Installer 5.1 Everything else works as well as it did before. 100% battery displays as 4 hours, life seems longer. Have not tested or worried about USB3. 1) Apply OSXUpdate10.8.2.dmg...
  4. frantisek.nesveda

    [Q] Custom Brightness Levels on Probook 4530s

    Hi, is it possible to set custom brightness levels on our laptop under OS X? Currently the lowest brightness level is equivalent to around 40% under Windows, which is too much and it hurts your eyes at night. (I am aware of the trick with putting display to sleep with a hot corner.) If it is...
  5. zaptoons

    Video Overview: ProBook 4530s Hackintosh

    Friends and acquaintances have asked about my ProBook 4530s after seeing mine running OSX Lion and ML. I made this video so I could point people to it for a quick overview on the install process, and the basics of the ProBook as a Hackintosh. (I strongly emphasize that this is not a tutorial.)...
  6. c00lkatz

    Tenda W311U USB Network Adapter - Works in 10.8

    I just picked up a Probook 4530s and installed ML to it. Of course the Realtek wifi didn't work, so I needed to use a USB wifi adapter until my Atheros wifi+BT combo card gets here. I tried and tried to get my Cisco AE1000 to work with no success. I remembered I had a Tenda W311U laying around...
  7. azactro

    Battery problem + 4530s

    I have ML on my 4530s, but for some reason my laptop won't run on the battery. Not sure if it is a hardware or software problem. I bought a new battery and it allowed me to run the laptop with out the AC, but the laptop wouldn't charge the new battery and if I was running off the battery and...
  8. azactro

    4530s Unusual Wifi Problem

    I just loaded ML on my 4530s i7 w/ 1080p Screen and AmD card. When I go to network settings, I cannot get my wifi to turn on. I tried deleting the Ethernet setting and adding both Ethernet and wifi back, but somehow it is still not recognizing it. I used the probook installer 5.1b1.
  9. Mongo

    In search of the perfect 4530s Dual boot SSD setup. Copy System, HP Utilities?

    Hi, all! I have a brand new HP Probook 4530s A7K05UT#ABA i3-2350M @ 2.3GHz with the stock 4GB RAM. The BIOS is upgraded to F.28. Just to show I have read up, I already replaced the RealTek WLAN card with an Atheros AR9285. Bluetooth and Wifi is working fine in Windows. I have a 120GB...
  10. Inmike09

    10.8.1 Update

    Smooth upgrade. Download the 10.8.1 installer from Apple website. Run it and reboot. No need to reinstall any kexts or reapply any settings. I did ask me to sign into iCloud and go through the iCloud setup again. No issues though.
  11. rumatu

    HP ProBook 4530S LY477EA - Please help me understand

    Hello people .. I am finally able to purchase a new laptop and I am thinking about getting a probook 4530s so I could possibly run OSX on it. I have found a good deal one for about 600 euros, and its the i5 one with the hd 3000 graphics card, product code LY477EA . According to hp website...
  12. riodoro1

    Couple problems with 4530s

    Hi! Thanks for Your guides and all, i have installed ML on my functioning Lion, after first boot WiFi was working, BT too, battery, almost everything except for sound. I tried to install HP Probook Installer (v4) but installation failed. Now i have no WiFi and no sleep (which is very...
  13. okuzagbi

    Please some one put Video for "DUMMIES FOR INSTALLATION SNOW LEOPARD IN HP 4530s"

    I got so much stress I cut all my grass in my yard.Watch 10 funny movie and I am all about the go to buy MAC BOOK PRO.I bought this laptop because many people saying so easy to install snow leopard fast boot blahh blahhh.I follow all the guide after update 10.6.8 my screen show gray screen,black...