1. trotty002

    HP Pro Book 4530s - Black Screen?

    Hi, A friend of mine has a HP Pro Book 4530s that has successfully been running OSX 10.9.1. He uses it mainly for tethered capture on photo shoots for his photography business. Recently he went on a shoot and managed to fill up the hard drive with photo's, since then he has no longer...
  2. Cats869

    Will upgrading my i3-2310m to an i7-2670qm work? [Probook 4530s]

    Will upgrading my i3-2310m to an i7-2760qm work? [Probook 4530s] Hello everyone, Before I consider trying out the hackintosh method, I would like to try to upgrade my processor. I have a HP Probook 4530s that comes with an i3-2310m. My BIOS is up to date [F.41]. It does not come with any...
  3. airorfo

    4530s external mic

    Hi guys! My ProBook works nearly perfectly thanks to Rehabman and others :). But I can't use Skype, because external mic refuse to work (Line In). Internal works but I work with closed lid. Is there any way to get it work? I've searched the forum but found nothing on the subject.
  4. killefiz

    4530s Graphics glitches resolved

    Just to underline a reported solution I read, my 4530s was suffering from creeping graphics glitches (white lines, blocky artifacts, etc) that usually started after using Flash-enable web sites for a while, got slowly worse, and ended with the screen being totally non-responsive (but the...
  5. titooo

    Probook 4530s is a new computer once you add SSD. Now what?

    Hi, I bought an SSD for my Probook 4530s and since then I feel like if I had a new computer. I always heard that the performance would increase drastically if I use an SSD instead of HDD but I never thought it would be so easy to notice the difference. Now I see that my Probook 4503s 4GB...
  6. titooo

    4530s wit 10.9.2 takes 2 minutes to boot. How can I improve it?

    Hi, My setup: -Probook 4530s -iCore i3 (the most basic one) -4GB ram -Intel 3000HD -320gb HD (non SSD, is the one that came with the computer) -OS X 10.9.2 installed 1 week ago with Clover Bootloader following the guide of nguyenmac. The problem: OS X takes 2 minutes to boot and...
  7. binarydude

    Can only boot OSX Mavericks in safe mode (-x) after update to 10.9.2

    Hello, I updated to OSX 10.9.2 on my HP Probook 4530s and used the latest version of HP Probook Installer to install all the kexts, drivers, etc. Now whenever I boot without safe mode, OSX gets hung. The hard drive activity is practically nothing when it is hung so I know that it isn't just...
  8. jamesbartell

    4530s boot errors after update

    I carelessly accepted a system update this afternoon on my previously well running 4530s Mountain Lion machine. From what I recall the install included an iTunes update, improvements for remote desktop, a java update and 1-2 other enhancements. I've attached a screenshot of what I am now...
  9. Argggh

    Mavericks Install gives glitchy white screen on unibeast boot.

    Hello! I have successfully installed Mavericks on my HP4530s that previously had SL running beautifully on it. BUT after the successful install message and restart I try to boot with unibeast, I see the Apple logo then after about 60 seconds, the system jumps to a crazy white glitchy...
  10. Argggh

    HDMI & VGA Not working - (System Report Enclosed)

    I have successfully installed SL (osx 10.6.8 10k549) on my HP 4530s. It is lacking wifi which is hopefully being sorted here. Today I realised I can't output to an external monitor - VGA or HDMI. The only test I've been able to work out is QE/CI IS enabled. (Open Dashboard and add a widget...
  11. spiral2k

    hi, i have problem with my intel HD 3000 - 4530s

    iv installed the mavericks 10.9.1 perfectly on my 4530s except the INTEL HD 3000 iv got only 1024X768 res. what i need to do guys! thanks!
  12. IBtokin

    Brightness levels not changing after 10.9 upgrade

    Hi, all. I followed RehabMan's instructions for installing Mavericks on a working ML install and everything seems to be working well except for my brightness levels. Using f2 and f3 shows the brightness level meter, but the actual levels don't change when increasing/decreasing the brightness...
  13. prasil

    HP ProBook 4530S - No Sound, Battery shows X in it.

    I have followed the guide http://www.tonymacx86.com/hp-probook-mavericks/112380-guide-installing-mavericks-hp-probook.html to install Mavericks on my HP ProBook 4530S. Everything was smooth - booting from USB, installing the ProBook Installer. I have a boot0 boot1 error which I know how to...
  14. bunnytuna

    4530s Freezing Issues Some minutes after wake.

    Did a fresh-install (2nd or 3rd one I've done) of Mavericks following RehabMan's guide closely. I had been running a stable Mavericks setup for about a month, then goofed around with Clover and decided to do a fresh install (formatted hard drive, then started again) back again with Unibeast...
  15. jricica2

    Lion Installer Hanging on 4530s

    Hello all, I apologize if I am overlooking something silly, but I have yet to be able to get the Lion installer to load on my 4530s. I previously owned one and sold it, but missed it so badly that I purchased another used one on to hackintosh. I have reset the BIOS to default settings and...
  16. missmarple

    Atheros Wifi not recognized by Mountain Lion on Probook 4530s

    I bought this Atheros wifi card off Amazon and put it into my Probook 4530s i3 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0092JZD5C/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It was accepted in the BIOS, but when I boot from the USB and install Mountain Lion (latest version from App Store), it doesn't...
  17. kss18

    10.8.5 and Probook - gotchas and lessons learned

    I had a stable 10.8.4 with everything working... until I installed 10.8.5 combo update that is. No matter what I tried, I could not get past the kernel panic. Perhaps my experience will help someone else. 1. I re-downloaded 10.8.5 (4.6 GB) from the Apple store and created a new multibeast...
  18. jsloat

    HP ProBook 4530s i5 Athros. Not getting Chimera options without my USB stick.

    After many many iterations likely using the wrong versions of software, I've finally had good success with ProBook Installer 6.1.4 to give me a working Mountain Lion with working Network, Audio, Sleep, etc. Mine is HP Probook 4530S i5 2520M with Graphics 3000, Athros 9285. (My Bios says it's...
  19. javajoint

    [solved] No sound on 10.8.4 even after HP ProBook Installer 6.1

    I did a combo update on my HP 4530s from 10.8.2 to 10.8.4 I have tried HP ProBook Installer 6.1 with the 10.8.3 support kexts, and then again with the 10.8.4 support kexts. I have also run kext wizard each time to repair disk permissions and rebuild kext cache. Still no sound. Are there...
  20. pshmell

    Very laggy system response w/ Mountain Lion on a 4530s

    Hello. We have a ProBook 4530s with 16GB of RAM and an Intel 3000 graphics card and i5 CPU. We would think this would run very fast, but the system lags frequently and vigorously when it is displaying new things on the screen (e.g., when clicking the spotlight icon, or hovering over the dock...