450 g2

  1. ymazdy

    Does anybody installed Sierra successfully on Hp Probook 450 ?

    i tried so many times to install sierra on my probook 450 g2 and i never got audio working if you were successful please tell wich steps you took in doing so
  2. AntonUA

    HP ProBook 450 G2 Broadwell HD5500 Boot Glitch

    Hello again, friends. My problem is next Is any chance to fix clover boot on 1920x1080 resolution? OS X 10.11.6
  3. romanusgermanicus

    ProBook 450 G2 FHD field report (K7J65ES#ABD)

    Hi, first of all, I would like to thank all of you, who made my hackintosh possible! I recently purchased this model here for 540 Euro (German website): http://www.cyberport.de/hp-probook-450-g2-i5-4210u-508gb-sshd-full-hd-matt-ohne-betriebssystem-1C23-9ZR_1695.html I replaced the Wifi card...