450 g1

  1. michaelukolov

    HP 450 G1 battery on 10.10.5

    Hi. Recently I installed OS X 10.10.3 to my HP ProBook 450 G1 (i5 4200M, HD4600, AR5B195). All works fine, but in iMessage and FaceTime get errors while login to my account. And in "About my Mac" i don't see serial number and model. In serial number: "Unknown", in model only "MacBook Pro". In...
  2. Offo

    HP ProBook 450 G1 (E9Y15EA) compatibility

    I'm sorry, but i couldn't find exact information about compatibility this model with hackintosh 10.9 specs link: http://notebook.tech-details.com/HP_ProBook_450_G1_(E9Y15EA)/