1. Weaseal

    Probook 4430s Graphics Artifacts (HD 3000)

    Hi all, I have a Probook 4430s with an HD 3000. I get graphical artifacts when viewing and exporting videos (usually pink/green squares or lines). Since we use this laptop for professional video editing, it is a real problem. I have tried both the default video driver and the one from this...
  2. Weaseal

    Unibeast Error During 4430s Install

    [SOLVED] Unibeast Error During 4430s Install Hi all, I just got a Probook 4430s that crashes once I boot the 4430s from the Unibeast USB stick. The stock hard drive was replaced with an SSD prior to my ownership, I'm not sure if that is the root of this issue [edit: the SSD was not the issue...
  3. evinwood

    4430s Probook Stuck on Grey Screen

    Hey Guys, i wanted a Hackintosh so badly. Now I'm stuck and I don't know what to do and I would love some help. So I updated my brother MAC and went through all the steps to Mountain Lion on my Probook. It installed and everything was fine. I reboot and choose my MAC drive, the Apple logo...