1. marousis

    HP 4340s Mojave Error trying to install from USB

    Hi everyone, After multiple tries i turn to you for help. I have tried any solution available, but it seems I get the same error. I tried the FakeSMC (all of them, one by one & all together), changing the config.plist file to Inject all kexts, even tried to change the SMBios to the closest one...
  2. Ariesheilaon7

    Probook 4340s

    Hello Im from Indonesia... I Have a plan to buy second-hand HP Probook 4340s IvyBridge version, 320 HDD, 4 Gb Ram Intel HD4000. According this site, I Have to replace Bluetooth and wifi card, to work natively with OS X. the question is, does probook 4340s, have a whitest bios ? So I can...
  3. jeremygardnm

    Hp probook 4340s WEBCAM

    Hi. My pro book 4340s worked perfectly in mavericks and Yosemite. The only problem was with bluetooth, which never worked. Not important for me. However, I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade to El capitan. This didn't work so I did a fresh install. The webcam has stopped working. I tried...
  4. Elrom

    DSDT editing help wanted!

    Hello professionals, i investigate more on this forum to install ML on new series 4x40s probook (mine is in my signature 4340s). And i foud the ways to install it, but have several issues - i can't use my own dsdt with 4530s patches, because of something different between this models. But i...