1. GrafKazu

    First Hackintosh | Advice needed

    Hey guys, I want to install hackintosh for the first time and need some help. My Rig: CPU: i5-3570K MoBo: ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Performance GPU: GTX 760 RAM: 2x 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 1666MHz PSU: EVGA SuperNova 1300W G2 I've followed the steps of the guide made by Nothing Technical but...
  2. TimDrucker

    i5 3570k system in 2017

    Hi there, completely new to the Hackintosh commuinty so I am completely overwhelmed by the boat load of information there is and so I would like some very specific answers to see if my system would be compatible and viable as a hackintosh build. So the story is back in 2012 when I was 16 I...
  3. KShion619

    [SOLVED] Help on TZ77XE3-V5 / i5-3570k / 2x GTX 660

    Hey guys, I'm seeing exactly what I'm missing here on El Capitan with Clover, hoping that someone can shed some light on what SMBIOS/DSDT (if needed) and Clover's Config.plist changes I need from the defaults. I can give a DSDT from AIDA64, LSPCI/USB from Linux, UEFI Settings, anything you guys...
  4. tonydale

    [Success] ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 - Intel i5 3570k - GTX 670 - 10.11.2

    Introduction When building my PC a few years ago, it had never crossed my mind that I would be using it as a hackintosh. Yet here we are, with a system that works on El Capitan 10.11.2 as if it was made for it. Components As they are far from new, I doubt most of them will still...
  5. andreasbund

    Is this build ready?

    Hi guys! Is this build ready for Mac OS X? MB - Gigabyte ga-h61m-s1 CPU - Intel Core i5 3570k GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SC RAM - 8 GB Please help! I would like a guide or something like that?
  6. j_cal

    boot0: done

    I've seen people encounter a "boot0: done" and then garbled text error. In my case, at boot it displays: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: done and then it hangs. This is not the infamous "boot0: error". Also, I'm using a 128gb SSD. I updated from Mavericks (which worked perfectly)...
  7. darkzboy1

    OSX Dual Boot with Windows 8 compatibility?

    Just another compatibility thread, wondering if I can make a stable hackintosh dual boot with the parts. If you are wondering why I want a hackintosh, its mainly for XCode, and web design in the future. Here are my specs on the PC I want to install Mac OSX (Mavericks) on: Motherboard: MSI...
  8. FergHS

    Sapphire 5770 dual screens not working!!

    Hi guys, After following Tim_182's perfect guide to installing my GA z77 d3h, 3570k and intel hd4000 graphics i had a perfect system EVERYTHING works. I dug out my old HD 5770 and plugged it in and my system is working via DVI perfectly. However no signal is being received by my second...
  9. sammikhail

    PJalm GIGABYTE patches needed!

    Hi all, Please if anyone has made a backup of PJalm repositories, upload it. I need it to patch my update Z77X-UD5H. Even if they don't exist, I want only the patches names and I'll try to get them. Thank you.
  10. LivingSuSpence

    Dual boot Mavericks/Win7 in RAID 0?

    Hey there, let me start off by stating I have parts coming in the mail from newegg now and I'm anxious to get it set up. The build is easy but installation is where I need help. Here's what I purchased: i5-3570K GA-Z77X-UD5H Gigabyte GTX 770 (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance 840 EVO 250GB x2 Kraken X60...
  11. angelocala94

    Updating on GA-Z77N-WiFi

    This is a Thread for GA-Z77N-Wifi Has anyone had a successful install on Z77N-WiFi?
  12. Renwick

    Mangled graphics except in safe mode (Z77-DS3H, 3570k, 10.8.4)

    Hi all, I'm gradually getting there on my first build, but slightly stuck. I've got everything up and running with Mountain Lion and cribbing recommended Bios/Multibeast settings from the forum. However, unless I open in safe mode, the OS loads but what shows up on screen is super mangled... see...
  13. shenaniganmod10

    B75M-D3H- Post Boot-Up+Login- Kernel Panic!

    Hi, Working on another Hackintosh project for a friend, and am facing some bizarre issues. The computer will boot up fine, and I am able to log in- just about everything will load up without issues, and then within about 5 minutes the computer will freeze up for a few seconds and then just...
  14. AndyR72

    Installation Problem - i5 3570K / GA B75M D3P

    Hi - I'm a first time poster hoping that someone out there can solve a problem that's driving me nuts! I built my first CustoMac in April, and after following the fantastic advice here, was amazed how straightforward it was to get up and running. The pride I had in the speed and power of the...
  15. CiaranLovejoy

    i5 3570K Vs i7 3770

    I can't decide between these two processors. I'll be using this build for casual gaming, for video editing, but nothing longer than half an hour in length and with minimal effects, maybe some light use of AfterEffects, some Photoshop - well Gimp actually - and a lot of internet use, streaming...
  16. Sacki

    Stops at the spinning wheel and apple logo

    Hi! I´m trying to install Mountain lion on my computer(3570k, intel 4000, Gigabyte Z77-DS3H). After the installation is done and it stands "Installation Succesful" I restart the computer boot from my unibeast stick and shoose my new installation. The apple logo shows up and a spinning wheel...

    [Turbo Boost not working] GA-Z77-DS3H (rev 1.1) BIOS F9 + i5 3570K

    For some reason Turbo Boost is not working properly. If I set EIST to Auto or Enabled, it won't go past 3.4GHz, if I disable it, it will throttle from 1.6GHz directly to 3.8GHz, so even if I try to set a higher multiplier, it won't work as I want. I want it to go from 1.6GHz > 3.4GHz > 3.8GHz...

    [Light OC] GA-Z77-DS3H (rev 1.1) BIOS F9 + i5 3570K

    I have a Cooler Master Hyper 412 PWM and I intend to do a light overclocking. My idea is to just set higher multipliers for the Turbo Boost, from what I've read something between 4.2GHz to 4.4GHz seems very stable under this set up of the GA-Z77-DS3H + 3570K. Now I'm stuck because my Turbo...
  19. pivko11

    pivko11's first build - i5 3570k - GA Z77-DS3H - 16GB RAM - GeForce GTX650Ti - WD Black 1TB

    pivko11' Build - GA-Z77DS3H - Core i5-3570K - GTX650Ti - 16GB RAM - 1TB WD black Components Mac OS X version 10.8.3 Mountain Lion https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/os-x-mountain-lion/id537386512?ls=1&mt=12] Gigabyte Intel Z77 LGA 1155 Dual UEFI BIOS ATX Motherboard GA-Z77-DS3H...
  20. tenj29

    Trouble Installing on P8Z77-V 3570k w/ Crucial M4

    My specs: Asus P8Z77-V 3570k Sapphire HD7970 3GB OC G.Skill Ripjaws Series 8GB DDR3-1600 128GB Crucial M4 I've successfully installed Mountain Lion (10.8.3) using a patched BIOS and Unibeast, and configured Mulitbeast with the following settings: Now whenever I try to boot from the SSD, I...