1. realizelol

    [HELP] Fujitsu LifeBook AH531/GFO

    Hi Tonys, I successfully installed Clover 4741 on /EFI (JHFS+ - Root-Patition) by using "High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch 10.13.x." because this Laptop is BIOS MBR only (no GPT!, so also no APFS Support for Boot-Drive :/). Added these propeties to get a screen without adding a...
  2. darkrogua

    Lenovo z370 El Capitan

    Hi, I have a problem, my video card shows 512 Vram instead 2048:banghead:....I tried to use fix https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/intel-hd-3000-graphics-fix-for-os-x-el-capitan-using-clover.176946/ after him the system is not loaded "notifyplatformmaspm - registering with plugin with asp...
  3. CayoZanattoMac

    [HELP] Intel Graphics HD 3000 Series trouble

    Hello everyone, I made my first Mackintosh: El Capitan on a Acer Aspire notebook Everything ran good except for my Graphics card. The notebook said that my graphics card have only 4MB of memory, and actually, my graphics card have 1gb of memory I already tried boot flags and nothing, what can...
  4. nhieu9200

    Graphic glitch - HD 3000 graphic

    Hi, I'm using 4430s with onbard graphic HD 3000, fresh install 10.11 follow exactly this guide http://www.tonymacx86.com/el-capitan-laptop-guides/168236-guide-install-10-11-hp-elitebook-probook-others-clover-uefi.html My screen usually has glitch line, look like this I tried EC reset but not...
  5. CharlesXD

    Yosemite menu bar not translucent

    I have intel hd graphics. i installed all drivers kexts and not translucent yosemite :banghead:
  6. firealarm01

    [Solve] HD 3000 only works with -x

    hey there, first of all let me express my thankfulness to this site and all the work that has been done here. I hope that someone can help me with the issues i`m experiencing. So let me explain: - After the install of Yosemite and some testing around with Multibeast I found a combination...
  7. geekfly565

    Dell Latitude E5420 Graphics Issue

    I completed an install of OS X Lion using a retail copy of Lion on my Dell Latitude E5420. After completing the install, I booted the system using the verbose and safe mode flags. After making sure that other things worked, I went on to getting full resolution on my display. I booted using -v...
  8. yalun94

    Asus N53SN-XR2

    I have an Asus N53SN-XR2 laptop, OS X Mountain Lion was able to be installed onto the computer, however, the graphics is only half functional. The laptop picks up on the Intel HD 3000 and the max resolution of this laptop 1366x768 but it does not have graphics acceleration enabled. Anyone...