1. xoplague

    [Unsolved] No device present - 300 series Realtek 892

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  2. B3nj4m1n

    High Sierra ROG Maximus X Hero - First Build

    I have been editing for nearly 15 years on Macs and now have begun editing 360 footage on a 2012 iMac. For the first time, I had a Mac crash on me. I have been intrigued with making a Hackintosh since I first came across this website in 2013. I have been reading forums and was surprised at...
  3. RyanKluff

    [Solved] High Sierra GC Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3

    Hey Guys, I built my first ever computer and was able to successfully install high sierra. The next thing that I am trying to figure out is my GC Alpine Ridge AIC. I am not very computer savvy and I am having problems trying to find a solution. I have an audio interface that I am trying to...
  4. CayoZanattoMac

    [HELP] Intel Graphics HD 3000 Series trouble

    Hello everyone, I made my first Mackintosh: El Capitan on a Acer Aspire notebook Everything ran good except for my Graphics card. The notebook said that my graphics card have only 4MB of memory, and actually, my graphics card have 1gb of memory I already tried boot flags and nothing, what can...
  5. nadermoshen

    lenovo ideapad 300 compatible ?

    I tried to go to the installer with verbose mode and got this screen please help