1. OhellHD

    macOS 10.13 GTX 970 Finder displays only 2048MB VRAM

    Hi, after I updated to High Sierra the Finder displays only 2048MB VRAM but my graphics card (GTX 970) has 4096MB VRAM. Is this just a displaying bug or is my system not recognizing the additional 2GB of VRAM. I have the latest CUDA driver and Nvidia Driver installed. Anyone who has the same...
  2. yungyulli

    intel 4600 graphics upgrade possible?

    is it possible to have 2GB of vram on for my integrated graphics? I have a 17-4710hq and on the manufactures website it says it can have up to 2GB of ram, but on my hackintosh I only have 1536mb. I want to edit some videos on my hackintosh so i'd want the most ram my graphics can put out. does...
  3. Dalfashz

    Dell XPS 9550 GTX 960M on OS Sierra

    Hey, a few months ago I partitioned my Dell XPS 15 9550 into half win10 half macOS 10.12.2. I am trying to get the Nvidia GTX 960m 2GB card to work. I have installed both Cuda drivers and Web drivers, but System Profiler>Graphics it says Nvidia Chip Model (pic attached). I tried booting with...
  4. wasabi25

    EVGA GT 740 SC -> 2 GB or 4 GB?

    Hey guys. I'm thinking of building a CustomacPro. On the buyer's guide, it says "EVGA GT 740 SC". Can I use either the 4GB or the 2GB one? I gotta know it ASAP! :D Thanks in advance!
  5. iq860

    Is GeForce GTX 960 G1 4GB compatible and stable ?

    Pretty much what the title says, has anyone tried the 4GB version of this Graphics card ? I know that the 2GB version is on the recommended list by Tonymac on the Buyer's Guide but i was wondering what about the 4GB version because now they seem to have very close prices and the 4GB will...
  6. deb1806

    Help !!!! Acer aspire v5-431

    :crazy: Please check the configuration which i have posted and let me know how to turn it into a MACDevice and which version will it support. !!!! find the Info in the image posted:beachball:
  7. jawed

    Asus GTX650E 2GB

    Hey everyone, For some reason my old account got banned because I said the word ''i............at.......kos'' I've bought myself a new graphicscard and I heard it should work without any tweaking. well it didnt.. I have low resolution at my VGI and HDMI port. havent tested the DVI yet. My PC...
  8. Brynge

    GTX 670 2GB vs 4GB

    Hi! For quite some time I've been thinking about building my own Hackintosh. After doing extensive research I've finally decided (well, almost) to go for it. :D Right now, my only un-answered question is whether I should go for the 2GB or 4GB GTX 670? I'm planning on doing some work in FCPX...
  9. hananias

    gtx 295 only 896MB, default 1792MB, what gives??

    System is running ML 10.8.2 on a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3-F4, I5-2500, 16GB RAM, 620W PSU, and the GTX295 1792MB. But as the title says, my system profile says only 896MB, even though the system is running sort of stable. When I ran Unigine Heaven 3.0 (if it didn't crash, usually does...