1. TriFlixFilms

    I just want to FCPX better than my iMac

    I borrow my dad's iMac a lot, which scores at 55sec on the BruceX Test. I just want a system that performs better. So what I need to know is if you (the experts) see any issues with this setup outside of the typical clover boot. Based on my research the 280x is currently the best performing...
  2. tomek123

    Advice for upgrade from Mavericks

    Hi, My system was created long time ago and it works like a charm. But I already forgot many things. Here is my system: GA Z68 UD3, i7 2700k, 16RAM, EVGA GTX570, Mavericks. The bios was upgraded to EFI long time ago. I'm looking forward to upgrading to El Capitan, because some new software...
  3. carlosnino

    Installing two R9 280x 3Gb cards in a 2009 Mac Pro

    Hi, I searched and found a lot of posts but I did not see the info I am looking for. If the post exists, please let me know. I have two Asus R9 280X 3Gb cards and I want to install them in my 2009 4,1 Mac Pro. The 2 16x PCI slots are there and I think the power supply is enough for both cards...
  4. forby

    [Solved] Sierra + R9 280X issues

    I haven't been able to find evidence of this anywhere else, but the Sierra update seems to have brought on some slight issues with the 280X graphics card. It worked like a dream in El Capitan. I primarily use it for OpenCL rendering performance with Final Cut and a few others. Ever since the...
  5. tallen

    GPU for 4K FCPX

    I'd like to get a 4K monitor for photo and video work. Probably the LG 31MU97. I need acceleration in Sierra/FCPX, but my editing needs are modest, as I'll only be working with 1080p footage with minimal VFX. What's the best GPU to drive a 4K display in Sierra? I've read the 280x is limited to...
  6. samiaani

    Asrock Extreme-4M | i5 2500K | Royalqueen r9 280x | Ripjaw 4096MB*4 | EVO 840 500GB + WDC2GB+1,5GB |

    Hello. For couple days I have been trying to install El Capitan to my Western digital storage drive, I have already partion it so i have about 500GB free space for the install. I'm running W10 on my ssd and have vmplayer running with the latest El Capitan. I have made a boot usb from a 8GB...
  7. waldgeist

    [SUCCESS] El Capitan 10.11.5 x Win 10 Dual Boot - GA-H81M-D2V - i7-4770 - R9 280X 3GB

    INTRODUCTION Back in 2010, I already built two Hackintosh machines and after working on a MacBook Pro and an iMac for almost 5 years, I decided to turn my existing gaming platform into a Hackintosh instead of buying a new Mac. I tried installing Yosemite or Mavericks (can't really remember) a...
  8. dkontis

    Lean Mean editing machine for Final Cut Pro X?

    I am about to built an system for video editing on Final Cut Pro X for a client and we need maximum performance and at least 2 monitors and a SDI video output for monitoring. I was thinking about these parts. 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2660 SR0GZ (around 120€ used from ebay, both without heatsink)...
  9. carmelovazzana

    XFX R9 280x HELP!!!

    Hi everybody, I don't know why, but i buy always the worst graphic card for my needs... OS X version should be, the boot sequence stops here. With -V and GraphicEnabler=No
  10. rwillett

    Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Hardware and Software on Z97X Motherboard and i7-4790K

    This sticky is aimed at people who want to do Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X on a Z97X based motherboard, normally with an Intel 4790K CPU. It tries to answer most of the common questions that come up time and time again. This sticky is NOT aimed at people who will do a 30 sec video edit...
  11. Endurance1986

    R9 280X for FCPX yes, but 4k?

    Hi all, Have been a long time reader over the past few months and am coming close to pulling the trigger on my first Hackintosh. Main purpose is to edit 4k footage in FCPX. From many posts on here I gathered that the ATI chips perform much better with FCPX than NVIDIA. I have my sights on a...
  12. nerioth

    HDMI Audio on R9 280X Sapphire

    Hi guys I got my hackintosh to work smoothly today, the only thing I can't get to work is the HDMI audio on my card. I have already tried to install the kext and with my installation in EFI worked, but the performance of the graphic card was horrible. I decided to switch to normal installation +...
  13. ch3m1c

    Yosemite 10.10.3 update, black screen after boot with R9 280x

    Hey folks! I've been running 10.10.1 without any issues on my rig (in profile) with ASUS R9 280x + Dell u3415w (3440x1440) via Displayport. But after I updated to 10.10.3 I get black screen after boot (screen goes standby, where should be login) even in safemode. If I switch it to HD4600 (via...
  14. Geierwally

    R9 280X Resolution Problem -NO 2560x1440 under Yosemite

    I have a problem with the resolution of my video card. When I boot, then I have the full 2560x1440 resolution. Once the PC is on Login Screen, the resolution drops to 1920x1080. I've tried everything but nothing has helped yet. Graphics card is a Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X, Model: 11221-20-40G...
  15. Muiterz

    280x or 7970 triple monitor working?

    I have a hackintosh with 5 monitors. I have a 6850 which connects to 3 monitors and a HD4000 which connects to 2 monitors. I want to upgrade the 6850 to a 280x or 7970 (if 280x is not possible). Is is possible to run triple monitor on a 280x? I want to use the HDMI, DVI and Displayport...
  16. jinjamal

    Need Install Help! Gigabyte Z97-D3H --- i7-4790k --- Gigabyte R9280X

    So i follow this guide (I have i7-4790K but same mobo, and trying to install with my 280x): I install with unibeast and install multibeast successfully and everything goes well until I...
  17. abds69

    R9 280X reboots PC under heavy load help ?

    Hello, just replaced my old ati hd6770 by a sapphire R9 280X dualx. It work OOB because device id already in AMD7000.kext and in AMDRADEONX4000.kext. Stable on desktop, luxmark, geekbench, novabench, furmark (all test). All acceleration is correct in terms of benchmarks. BUT, each time i...
  18. aimalwajih

    Is my setup Yosemite Compatible? GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 280X 2500K

    Hey. So I was looking around on the site and I've found threads about my motherboard working for a Yosemite Hackintosh, but I don't know if my whole system is supported. Here are the specs Intel i5 2500K Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Sandisk 128 GB SSD SDSSP-128G Corsair XMS3...
  19. 2ge

    My 1st ihackosh - GIGABYTE Z97X-SLI, 4790K, R9 280X

    Hi guys, I wanna advice for hw, I want to build my 1st hackintosh. I am using Apples computer for 6 years, wanted to buy iMac, but I was really disappointed about upgrading, so I decided go this path. I want computer, which is compatible as much as possible, and in same time not old (87...
  20. mg23

    [Success] Gigabyte z87-OC, 4790k, Gigabyte 280x, 32 GB RAM - OSX 10.9.5

    mg23's 4k/2k/1080p Final Cut Pro X Editing Rig: Gigabyte z87-OC, 4790k, Gigabyte 280x, 32 GB RAM - OSX 10.9.5 Components: Processor: Intel 4790k Haswell Quad Core Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC...