1. P1LGRIM

    [SUCCESS] P!LGRIM's 8Ball Build - Z77-DS3H Rev.1.0 F9 - i5 2500K - HD6850 - 16GB - ML 10.8.5

    [SUCCESS] P1LGRIM's 8Ball Build - Z77-DS3H Rev.1.0 F9 - i5 2500K - HD6850 - 16GB - ML 10.8.5 P1LGRIM's 8Ball Build - Z77-DS3H Rev.1.0 F9 - i5 2500K - HD6850 - 16GB - ML 10.8.5 Components GIGABYTE GZ-X7 Black Middle Tower Case...
  2. Tufail11

    Which mothod you recommend me to use for my sandy bridge CPU.

    [installed OS Xcorrectly Now need to fix Audio & resolution] Which mothod you recommend me to use for my sandy bridge CPU. specification CPU - Intel core i5 2500k @ 3.3ghz (socket 1155 LGA) Motherboard - Gigabyte PH67-DS3-B3 (chipset - intel sandy bridge rev 09) (southbridge - Intel H67 b3)...
  3. m2geek

    Yikes - where did all my oomph go?!

    For some reason my CPU is running awfully slow - Geekbench just spat out a when my usual scores are 10K+ Da heck is going on?
  4. critofur

    My first (non-virtual) Hackintosh GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 / 2500K / 550Ti

    After days of struggling (OK, hours of not sleeping late at night... my 64 bit OS would not let me install UEFI BIOS, tried many different USB flash drives / USB ports on my Virtual Mac before I could get Mountain Lion USB setup finally working, oh and it took a long time to get the virtual Mac...
  5. psyssors

    Please Help !! ML + 2500K Sandy + GA-Z77n-Wifi WONT BOOT !

    Please Help !! ML + 3570K + GA-Z77n-Wifi WONT BOOT ! ​I have searched everywhere and I can't find any information on installing Mountain Lion on GA-Z77n-Wifi with a Sandy Bridge CPU. I am at wits end. :banghead: I can install just fine but I cannot get OS X to boot back up after running...
  6. rerouted

    Overclocking an i5 2500k in OSX?

    I am really struggling to understand how OSX 10.8 and overclocking works. I Currently have a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 with U1H Bios and an i5 2500k CPU. I have the i5/i7 SSDT from MultiBeast installed. I have read through many of the forms on tonymac about how I should setup my BIOS, multipliers...
  7. cusinndzl

    cusinndzl's Build: Core i5-2500K - P67A-C43 - 16GB RAM - 6870/5450

    cusinndzl's Build: Core i5-2500K - P67A-C43 - 6870/5450 Components Apple Mac OS X version 10.8.2 Mountain Lion MSI P67A-C43 LGA 1155 Intel P67 ATX Intel Motherboard
  8. cwiedel

    Gigabyte motherboard for a i5 2500k and gts450

    Hi, I'm new to hackintoshes and I'm looking for advice on which motherboard to choose for my build. From searching and researching a bit it seems like all of the components I have to today should be supported. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. CPU: Intel i5 2500k RAM: 2 x 4GB Corsair...
  9. spup

    Going the last mile with an Intel DH67BLB3 - getting stepping, turbo, HD3000 working in 10.8.2

    Hi all, First of all, thank you tonymacx86 and everyone else all for the documentation and assistance in this forum -- I'm a first-time hackintosher and I've been able to get very far without asking for help just by reading existing questions and answers. I have a Sandy Bridge build for 10.8.2...
  10. crazyfrog

    Kernel Panic In Mountain Lion Asus P8Z68-V LX

    Installed mountain lion 10.8.2 via unibeast, upon booting I get a kernel panic relating to the kext. using a second drive on which I had lion installed I used multibeast to patch the mountain lion drive with the correct dsdt, ssdt(with patched...
  11. keithghrobertson

    GA-Z77X-UD3H - No HPETs available

    Hi everyone. I'm brand new to hackintosh, and I'm having problems installing ML on my Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H. I have an i5 2500K, and I am using the built in graphics from the CPU. I also have the P-Link PCI Express Adapter(TL-WDN4800) so I have native wifi. Here's what I'm doing and what is...
  12. skazazes97

    Need help with Z77N-WIFI

    My Rig: Z77N-Wifi 2500K (Using HD3000 as GFX) 2 SSD's Bitfenix Prodigy I'm pretty sure thats all you guys should need to know, if you need more ask... So my problem comes post installation of 1.8... I get it installed on a SSD, and boot into it off of my unibeast thumb drive. I...
  13. mrfish

    GTX 680 + HD3000 possible?

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a GTX680 for my hackintosh. Unfortunately installing the GTX680 using graphicsenabler=no breaks airplay (because then then the system doesn't load the kexts for HD3000), and that's one of the features i use the most. Is anyone aware of how to fix this...
  14. BOC14

    Can't reach install screen - Z68 Ext3 Gen3 - 2500k

    Hi guys, first off thanks for all the awesome resources on this site, I've learnt so much in trying to get this Hackintosh running. I am running the AsRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3, i5-2500k, Radeon HD6800. Now, my error.. I created the Bootable USB fine using the TonyMac guide. At least I believe...
  15. DamperLullz

    Will this work with SL? Need quick answer!!

    Hi, I wonder if I can install SL with this build, I know it will work in ML but I´m not sure about SL, and I have to do SL before ML. Mobo: GA-Z68x-UD3H-B3 Rev 1.3 CPU: i5 2500k CPU cooler: Hyper 212 EVO GPU: XFX Radeon HD 6870 Dual fan edition 8GB(1x8) Corsair Vengeance RAM...
  16. ezikwa

    i5 2500k, z77 ds3h, 10.8 audio, network fine, fully working apart from hd3000!

    my specs: i5 2500k z77-ds3h 8gb ram hd3000 (using dvi) osx 10.8 this is what worked for me (i hear problems regarding boot crashes after multibeast install, i managed to fix mine...) 1.fresh install of ml using unibeast drive multibeast selected .userdsdt .system utilities...
  17. jaischeema

    Unibeast install USB boot won't boot - Asrock p67 Extreme 4, 2500k, 6850HD

    [SOLVED] Unibeast install USB boot won't boot - Asrock p67 Extreme 4, 2500k, 6850HD Hi, My System build is Asrock p67 Extreme 4 core i5 2500K. 4 GB RAM. I am using broadcom wifi chipset mini-PCI card. ATI Radeon 6850 HD I followed the guide provided on how to make a bootable USB...