1. Maddux0914

    Is my old laptop compatible?(Hp pavilion dm3 1001-TU)

    This is my first post. I want to know if my old laptop can work on MacOS,I can’t find any hackintosh informations about this laptop,I hope someone can let me know whether it is possible or not. Thanks! HP Pavilion dm3 1001-TU CPU:Intel SU-2300 Graphics: Intel GMA 4500M
  2. euomauricio

    ASUS X99-A II + I7 5930k + RADEON RX 5500 XT

    I have these settings and I can't do anything. I already know that it doesn't work with mojave, but catalina also can't start, not even the pendrive. Has anyone tried with a similar setup? I need tips, please. ASUS X99-A II I7 5930k X-Series LGA 2011-3 Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT 4 GB RAM...
  3. Mazz886

    Gtx 965m GPU in 2011 iMac 27 inch

    Need to know if a GTX 965m GPU will work in my iMac 2011, will it work but just not have boot screen or brightness control?
  4. BlueApple

    Dual socket motherboard for 12 core Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    I've been looking but can't seem to find any info on this. Are there any dual socket motherboards compatible with snow leopard? I know it's old but it's the only OS that I like, and is fully stable with my software. In 2019 the single socket just wouldn't cut it.
  5. RicardoBucho

    Missing Colors? [Intel HD Graphics 3000]

    Greetings, I posted this at Apple's forum but maybe you guys can help. I recently upgraded to macOS High Sierra on my Mac Mini 5,1 and it feels like there are some missing colors. Color depth is 24-bit which is the new normal on this version of the OS so I don't think the problem lies there. I...
  6. etajv100

    Help me Install macOS into a X79 System.

    Hi there, It have been a long while since I have joined this Forum. I found a lot of helpful stuff that helped me get almost all the system I worked on working and functioning as it is supposed to, until recently. While I tried to install Hackintosh into a X79 System, searched a lot but...
  7. sansdickgem

    Dual Socket 2011 + Thunderbolt

    Are there any dual socket 2011 boards that also support thunderbolt that have been successfully hackintosh'd without any weird lag or missing core issues? I can't seem to find any one who has pulled it off so far. As far as I can there are only two familes of boards that use both thunderbolt...
  8. AndreLeComte

    GA-H61N-USB3 Yosemite

    Is it possible to run Yosemite on a 2011 Customac Mini (Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3) without the following issues? Chameleon: iMessage sign in error. Possibly SId bug combined with non-persistent NVRAM values. Clover: Slow, low resolution video and iMessage sign in error.
  9. firefistace

    CPU LGA 2011 socket vs CPU LGA 2011-v3 socket

    Hi. I'm building a hackintosh for the first time and I'm planning to use a motherboard that has a 2011 CPU socket. I was wondering if a LGA 2011 socket and a LGA 2011-v3 CPU socket is the same thing or not? Can a LGA 2011-v3 CPU go in a LGA 2011 socket?
  10. sumate.sdk

    This is my CustoMac Pro Socket 2011 for Gaming.

    All of this are best part that can buy around my house, but I not sure this part can be work with OS X yosemite. Can all of you give me advice for choose cheaper or more compatible part. VGA : Asus Gtx980-p-4gd5 Gold20th CPU : Intel 2011 Core I7...
  11. itsyaboi

    4k hackintosh for Video Editing/Motion Graphics/3d dual monitor

    So I've been browsing the forums for a while now and while I've figured out a lot there are a few things I can't decide on about my proposed build. This build will be used for video editing in Adobe Premiere (eventually 4k video) as well as motion graphics in After Effects and some 3d in...
  12. cragum123

    Hackintosh Virgin.

    i7 5930K Build - 1st Timer. Compatible Components? Hey all! I've been reading, and reading and watching and reading more about Hackintosh's and the appeal is definitely growing on me. Would love to get someone's opinion on the list of components below if possible? Processor: Intel Core i7...
  13. TH13

    will these parts work? Sabertooth x79, 4930k, gtx260, ddr3 1866, yosemite, windows 8 dual boot

    Hey hey! I'm putting together my first hackintosh and have some hardware laying around. I want to see if this will all work together: Asus Sabertooth x79 socket 2011 Intel 4930k 6 core SSD 2 samsung evo 850 250gb Video Card: I have a Evga Gtx260 ftw and an EVGA gtx970 superclocked. I know...
  14. DJG10212

    Please take a look, and help me decide! :) Motherboard/processor decisions

    I need help deciding on a motherboard and processor. I am hoping to make a high-end computer. I will be using the Mac side for working ( Photoshop, After Effects, etc. ), and my Windows side for gaming, hopefully at ultra-settings. These are the combos I am deciding between: option 1: ASUS...
  15. VroepVroep

    Socket 1150 vs 2011 for audio production

    Hey all! So, I'm on the brink of getting myself a completely new rig, exiting stuffs! Now, I'm a composer. I work with applications like Sibelius, Kontakt and Logic Pro. Especially Logic Pro can really utilize your processor to it's full capabilities, including all cores. But as of now I'm...
  16. totocaster

    Six core Mac Pro alternative built recommendations

    Hello, it's my fist post here. I've been surfing this forum for quite a time, great stuff and community. There is the background for thread: I love current Mac Pro, I think its brilliant but because Apple and Intel charge insane amount of money for RAM and CPU I really can not justify the price...
  17. tommyhollander

    HD / 4K Video Editing hackintosh PRO i7 4930K (or i7 3930K) -i7 4770K

    Socket 2011 i7 4930K Hackintosh, stable, easy setup for video editing UPDATE: March 15th -2014 In 2013 I started a thread for an i7 4930K, GTX 770 4GB hackintosh for (4K) video editing with Premiere Pro/ After effects/ colour grading. Since then I researched a lot, and only found issues and...
  18. esix

    Intel 7 Series MB and Raid0 Trim

    Hello, I'm planing to upgrade my hardware to the new 7 series (z77 or x79) and I'm wondering if TRIM works on RAID0 in Mountain Lion. My curent setup is on a old platform (x58, with a pci-e asm 106x card) and I'm using a single ssd. Trim works like a charm, Mountain Lion is pretty fast, and so...
  19. daftdomi

    Wrong Bootflags / No Installer / Socket 2011 ML /ASUS P9x79 PRO 3930k

    Hey Guys, this is my first post. I kinda new to this whole hackintosh thing. But I read and already learned a lot so I felt confident to setup my own hackintosh. These are my specs: i7 3930K ASUS P9x79 Pro ASUS GTX 460 1GB Samsung 840 SSD 250GB 16GB USB Stick (latetest UniBeast Version for ML)...
  20. Macnum

    Hackintosh for work with CS6

    Hello there, I'm working with OSX for about 3 years now and have been sticking to Adobes CS6 Suite for a while and my MBP reaches and exceeds his limitations in RAM, processor and GPU quite frequently. Long story short, I want to build a system that can handle large Files (>1 GB) with...