2 monitors

  1. mblum93

    Dual DisplayPort Monitors w/ RX 580

    Hi everyone, I have a Mojave 10.14.6 build that works well. It has the following specs: Mobo: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO Graphics: ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 O8G Gaming OC Edition I just got a second Asus PB287Q monitor that I'd like to connect via DisplayPort. However, when I connect it via...
  2. Bon3

    Intel UHD 630 DP/HDMI Dual Monitor Issue

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me out here: I have everything working on my new Lenovo M920x that runs Q370 chipset, got an fully working DSDT the only thing im missing is the HDMI port so i can get dual monitors. The DP is working perfectly :) SMBIOS is set to iMac 18,1 since it's an Coffee...
  3. Toby39

    << Solved >> Can I use 2 monitors on Mavericks OS 10.9

    Hi folks, I have a '2014 build' Mac Pro Hackintosh and am experiencing problems trying to get two monitors to work. I have always used 1 monitor, but have recently acquired some spare monitors and have decided to see if I can use one as a 2nd monitor for my Hackintosh. I have just connected...
  4. Museumoftechno

    Multiple monitors with integrated graphics?

    I'm collecting components for my first Hackintosh build. I'd like to use an i7 8700K CPU, with an Asus motherboard, and the integrated graphics specs go: * Drives up to 3 monitors * Up to 4096x2304 resolution on DP & HDMI interfaces The machine is for music production and web development, NOT...
  5. amauro

    Please recommend budget graphics card for dual monitor

    Hi, It's my first hackintosh and I am in a small budget, trying to make things work right. I have been using mini-Macs for several years, and I just want a nice small office box to run MS Office suite, web, media view, etc... but I need to use dual monitor. After reading some guides, I bought...
  6. TomerTsur6400

    How i can connect 2 monitor 2XDVI 10.11.6

    How i can connect 2 monitor 2XDVI?? the arrangement tab no longer visible in display preferences
  7. JackThulborn

    Dual Screens & Dual Boot?

    Hi I'm relatively new to this so sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I've read up on how to get OS X running on a system with compatible components. Basically I'm looking to build a Hackintosh (obviously) but I also want to dual boot it with windows 8. I'm new to the website and can't...