12 core

  1. BlueApple

    Dual socket motherboard for 12 core Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    I've been looking but can't seem to find any info on this. Are there any dual socket motherboards compatible with snow leopard? I know it's old but it's the only OS that I like, and is fully stable with my software. In 2019 the single socket just wouldn't cut it.
  2. Albashred


    Hey Everyone I'm new about hackintosh... I looking for the possibility to build an hackintosh "mac pro" 12 core with dual CPU to audio applicatons... Pro tools 12...a lot of plug in... etc... do you have some infos about it? Thanx a Lot!
  3. moMowlam

    A hackintosh on par with a top spec 12 core Mac Pro... possible?

    Hello all. I want to build a hackintosh and I would like to know how close I could get to a full spec Mac pro. my primary use of the computer will be 3d animation and design so the dual 6gb graphics cards are very appealing, how high can hackintoshes go? The spec for the Mac pro is 2.7GHZ 12...
  4. Sonoftalmai

    Dual 6 Core Pro Socket Build?

    Hi, I'm a mac professional that's new to the whole Hackintosh/CustoMac thing but really considering it. Here's what I'm looking for. The experts here can let me know if I'm completely off my rocker. Is it possible to do a stable 12 core (dual 6 core) build using most of the Pro Socket parts...
  5. syntheticmachine

    Mobo: EVGA SR-2 or SuperMicro X9DAi ?

    Hello! I'm a first time builder and relatively new to all this, but I have some understanding. Which of these motherboards would work better, or is there any difference really? The processors im going to be using are two Xeon E5-2630 Sandy Bridge-EP 2.3GHz's I'm stuck between choosing either...