1. ml.barton

    Back to give it a go at Mavericks with my trusty P7P55D

    So I used to have a Snow Leopard 10.8.6 build on an ASUS P7P55D Motherboard running i5 1156, 4GB RAM. Things have changed since that build and I actually lost my install a few years ago (HD failed) and now I'm running boring windows 7 and since my hardware has changed too. Its the same...
  2. Tuscarora

    GA-P55-UD5, i5-750 // Radeon 4870 & 6450 // Success (fixed no keyboard/mouse)

    Hi there, I managed to update my Hack to 10.9 ok in the end, thanks to the tools available here. I've got quite an old board; GA P55 UD5 with i5 750, and old GFX Radeon 4870 (alongside a Radeon 6450 for extra monitor), however it worked fine. The only real hiccup was no keyboard/mouse and...
  3. yonyz

    GA-H55M-D2H + GT 520 - 1156 users this is for you

    Hi, It took me a few days and dozens of attempts to get my mouse and keyboard, both USB, to work in the Mavericks installation. This has to do with USB Legacy support in LGA 1156 CPUs. I have a GIGABYTE H55M-D2H motherboard, but this should work for all (GIGABYTE) motherboard of LGA 1156...
  4. sandeepsingh6061

    USB PORTS 2.0 not working

    Well, everything works pretty smooth on my new build except usb's... i have created the installer usb using Unibeast Method. While installing mountain lion ps2 keyboard and usb mouse are fine. But right after multi beast installation, usb support is gone. I'm facing this problem through...
  5. nathan-1998

    ***LGA 1156 Motherboard recommendations***

    **LGA 1155 Motherboard recommendations*** Im new to the world of Hackintosh. I was wondering what LGA 1155 motherboards people would recommend for a Hackintosh build. I am planing to put an Intel Core i53570K in it.
  6. EHUnlucky7x9

    GA-P55-UD3L revision 1.0 Bios F7, EVGA nVidia GTS 250, 10.8 Mountain Lion install?

    Hey all, Been reading all the different posts and trying different methods to get my Mountain Lion 10.8 to install. This is my 15th try and it is almost completed. I've done a fresh install of ML because upgrading from my perfectly working 10.7.4 crashed my machine. I used Unibeast...