1. PeanutOil

    Re Hacking my old Hackintosh

    Ok so quick back story. I have always been interested in making a Hackintosh. Unfortunately, my dreams extend way past my ability. So, about 6 or 7 years ago, I bought a hackintosh from someone I met on youtube who actually lived near me. It has been a great computer. However, I am still running...
  2. Reactor-core

    Snow Leopard, Sandy Bridge Advice needed

    Greetings fellow Hackintoshers, I am in the process of planning and purchasing parts for a Sandy Bridge, Snow Leopard, 10.6.8 specific build. The reason I am going this route is I need to run some necessary legacy applications which require Rosetta and will not run on later versions of Mac OS...
  3. metalhead82

    EVGA GeForce GT740 SC on OS X 10.6.8

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with my EVGA GT 740 SC. I replaced my old Radeon 9800 with the GT740. Now, the system boots into OS X 10.6.8, but the GT740 is not properly recognized and I can only run one Display at 1024x768. The System Profiler lists it as "Unknown". When I boot in...
  4. lazerorca

    I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge e531 and an old iMac4,1 OS 10.6.8 2Ghz Core Duo

    First off, I'd like to say this is a really cool website. I have some time off of work, and I am interested in getting Mac OS X running on this fixer-up Lenovo that I was given as a Christmas gift. I was given this computer by my stepbrother because he was having issues with it. He had since...
  5. alexmarton33

    Is there a way to install 10.6 on PPC G5?

    Hi all, I have got a PowerMac G5 (Dual 2.5GHz, 4GB DDR RAM) which is running Panther (10.3.9) which I should be upgrading to 10.5 as soon as possible. I was wondering if there is a way or a hack that would allow me/us to install Snow Leopard on PPC. :beachball: Thank you, Alex.
  6. leopoldporkstacker

    How to GTFO this boot loop error after 10.6.8 update install

    Have followed install instruction “to the ‘T’” so to speak on a December 2013 Buyer’s Guide approved Haswell-chipped mATX setup, but immediately after step 3, subeset 8, (for OSX 10.6 install with authentic 10.6 installer disc) the computer tries to restart on it’s own. Is there a way to get...
  7. zaledar

    ATI Radeon Xpress 200M with 10.6.8

    Hello, I have a laptop with an integrated Graphic Card ATI Xpress 200M. I succeed with the 10.6.8 install. Display is working without kext, with a bad resolution (1024x768) and no QE acceleration. My native resolution is 1280x800. My laptop is a Toshiba L30-105(PS33). 1002:5a62...
  8. Ratteler


    I upgraded my UD3P's BIOS to the new UEFI one, but at the moment I only have OS X 10.7 on the USB dongle and 10.6 on DVD. I know Mountain Lion works better, but I'd like to just get my system up an running. Am I doomed? Or can an this MB work with older OS X once it's been UEFI'ed.
  9. DrTbz

    Iboot Read Error + Kernel Panic (Ivy Bridge)

    Im building this machine with the following specs: Intel Core i3-3225 Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 (Currently with only 4GB in machine, as per instructions) EVGA GT640 2TB HDD TP-Link PCI Express Wifi Adapter (Currently Disconnected) LG DVD/RW SATA Drive Legit Retail Snow Leopard...
  10. paro18

    10.6.8 Update Problems

    My spefications are: Intel core i7 2600K Gigabyte z86X-UD3H-B3 gigabyte GeForce Gtx 660ti 2048mb Winforce I wanted to install mac os x Snow leopard with the help of this guid: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.de/2010/04/iboot-multibeast-install-mac-os-x-on.html?m=1 Everything works fine until step...
  11. gotschi

    10.6 Sata drive not found / kext injection (still waiting for root device...)

    Hey folks! So my mate decided to make himself a hackintosh and used its old pc for it: Gigabyte GA something -sli We booted successfully into installation using iBoot and a retail SL Dvd (using -x -v -PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No) but the HDD won't show up to install 10.6 on so we tweaked...
  12. Theseus77

    ASUS P8P67 Deluxe, i7 2700K, ATI 6870 -> doesn't want to cooperate :(

    ASUS P8P67 Deluxe, i7 2700K, ATI 6870, Snow Leopard -> Success :)) Hi, great work here! I´ve got some probs getting my machine working. Software: Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (Retail Disk + Upgrade), iBoot / Multibeast 3.1 Hardware: ASUS P8P67 Deluxe (2103) Core i7 2700K 8 Gig Corsair...
  13. Zamiel

    At my wits end, I will donate if you help - Can't boot into OSX 10.6 installer

    System info: -System or motherboard manufacturer, model name, revision and bios version. MSI P55-GD65 LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard Newegg page - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6813130239 Manual - MSI Global ? Download Center Recently flashed to the latest BIOS...