1. mhys33

    Use iGPU instead of Nvidia GPU

    I'm currently running Mojave with an i7-3770 with intel HD4000 on an intel DH77EB mobo, along with GTX 1050ti OC as GPU. My question is can I use the Intel hd 4000 instead of the 1050ti when the cable is connected to the DGPU? The IGPU has native support in Mojave. Mojave fails to boot when I...
  2. paolino24

    no HDMI audio on gtx 1050

    hi! i have just installed mac os High Sierra on my machine but i can't get the HDMI audio driver to work. i have already installed the AppleALC driver and i can't get it to work, how can i do?
  3. b31k

    [Solved] Nvidia HDMI Audio not WORKING, Nvidia 1050ti, Nvidia 10xx

    Problem Reporting Description of HDMI audio problem I tried to hear my HDMI audio from my discrete card GTX 1050ti to my monitor LG ULTRA sharp [email protected], following this guide but it has not worked, someone could help me see what I do wrong, thank you. [my sound work great from mother board...
  4. LeoPeink

    i7-7700HQ + 1050 High Sierra HELP!!!

    Hi, I'm trying to install High Sierra on my laptop (Acer Aspire 7, i7 7700hq and 1050 2gb). This is my second Hackintosh, the first one is a desktop, i5 8400, gigabyte d2v, gtx 1060 working fine. I used Unibeast to make the usb installer with a fresh copy of High Sierra downloaded on my...
  5. zinRix

    MSI GV72 7RD Gaming Laptop

    Hallo My Laptop for High Sierra Compatible !?... I Need Help for Full Supported Laptop ! MSI GV72 7RD Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2,80Ghz 8GB DDR4 RAM Intel Graphics 630 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  6. afmacj

    My Coffee Lake G4 Cube: i7-8700 - Z370 - GTX 1050 Ti

    My Coffee Lake G4 Cube: Z370I-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC - i7-8700 - GTX 1050 Ti Comments Soon after finding out about this community (back in ~2011*), I created my first "customac". At that time I saw sleppek's 'My Cube 2.1'...
  7. pcllt


    Hi I need your help, i want to buil a hackintosh with my (old) pc: -Intel core I3-6100 3.7GHz -Motherboard Asus prime b250 -8Go DDR4 Hyperx Fury -Nvidia GTX1050 4Go DDR5 -HDD 1To -SSD 128go Kingstone It is possible?
  8. Vassi

    [Solved] Displayport don't work - Help please :-)

    Hi friends and thks for this forum. I'm newb and i'm French, so i NEED lot of help lol ! :-) I have issues with Displayport on a GTX1050. HDMI work's fine (3440*1440 /100Hz) on 21/9 Samsung display. Black screen with DP / nothing. NvidiaWeb driver are installed. All work's fine with HDMI but i...
  9. copperfront

    Adobe Illustrator and GPU Causing Crashes

    I'm having a really frustrating issue on my build. Over time (and specifically when using Adobe Illustrator) my performance begins to chug and halt and requires a full reboot to clear. If I do not reboot and try to continue working when this starts to happen, I'll inevitably crash with either a...
  10. moisemust

    Nvidia GTX 1050 or GT 1030 not working

    Hi. I was given an old prebuilt PC (Core 2 Duo) running Windows 7 at the end of an internship. I added a GT 1030 for using it as a hackintosh as the installer boots and installs successfully. More recently I built my own PC for light gaming and figured I'd choose my components here to be sure...
  11. ashwingopinath

    Change in Clock frequency of graphic cards

    Will the change in clock frequency of the graphic cards of the same model effect the hackintosh???
  12. yllapilate

    GeForce GTX 1050 Ti: Boot to graphics / window manager works with only HDMI plugged in...

    Looking for others who've had a similar experience or who've resolved this. When I boot the system with a single monitor attached to the HDMI output, the system starts up with no problem, but when I start attaching additional monitors, problems start to arise. I'll enumerate: When I boot with 3...
  13. enrysnemeth

    Help Installing With X299 Asus Apex

    hi, i have a new platform and i never work with x99 or x299 before so i need help. i dont know what to set in clover, what kext i need and what i need to do far a good installation, i have a efi folder that i used before for my z170 platform (i7 6700k, asus z170i or msi z170a gaming 5, 16gb ddr4...
  14. lazycee

    FSEventStreamStart: ERROR: FSEvents_connect() => Unknown service name (1102)

    Hi everyone, I am very grateful to the forum for helping me when biuding a Hackintosh! (I am a Chinese, many sentences translated by Google) I follow this guidance:https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/unibeast-install-macos-high-sierra-on-any-supported-intel-based-pc.235474/ I use the UniBeast...
  15. 29satnam

    [Solved] Nvdia 1050 GPU dual-monitor issue with macOS 10.13.4

    Hello everyone, I've just bought a new Nvdia 1050 GPU and updated my system to macOS 10.13.4 with a clean install. Is there a way I can make my dual monitor setup work, though aware of new changes in macOS 10.13.4 and eGPU support. System definition is iMac17,1 I'm using latest Nvidia -...
  16. gawronix

    ASUS TUF z370Pro gaming GTX1050Ti No HDMI SOUND

    Hello I need help all working fine but no hdmi sound. I add my config. Plz help me.
  17. wayhi

    High Sierra installer kernel panic [Dell XPS 15 9560]

    Hey, I attempted to install High Sierra onto my Dell XPS 15 from a UniBeast USB I prepared from my Mac Mini. When I boot the installer from Clover, a kernel panic occurs about 3 seconds into the boot-up. I have searched everywhere for a fix to this problem, including this...
  18. drumandgeorge

    1050Ti Dual Monitor, one black screen

    Hi there, After hours of trial and error my first main build is pretty much complete (not including networking as i've just ordered an iMac network card). Works fine with one monitor, animations are a tiny bit glitchy but nothing i'm too concerned about, and i'm definitely running the NVidia...
  19. lai0n

    [Solved] Slow performance at 1050ti

    I have a Dual-OC 1050ti 4GB and the hackintosh is very laggy. Youtube, Netflix, resizing tabs causes mini-freezes, laggy. The WebDriver version is 387., CLOVER folder attached.
  20. RFMusicComposer

    Skylake Build - Can't fix Black Screen - Gtx 1050 ti - Please help!

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers, I've been struggling for a week with my new build. Everything seems to work fine except (I suppose) the GPU which is giving me way too many headaches. I hope you can help me out! BUILD iMac 17,1 Mobo: GA-Z170x-Ultra Gaming rev 1.0 (BIOS: f22) CPU: i7 6700k 4.0gHz GPU...