1. Spatializer

    Resolution stucked at 1024x768 on laptop

    Hello! This is my first post here, even though I've been secretly reading hundreds of them for a while now! I am planning on writing an installation and general setup guide for the old Toshiba Satellite L850-1RC I own, however I can't manage to fix this issue. I installed Yosemite with the...
  2. adonmez234

    How I got my full HD monitor on Skylake HD510 get working on ElCapitan.

    Hi all. I just wanted to drop a note in hopes that someone may find it useful in the future. Due too-complex-to-explain reasons, I traded for a Skylake Core i5-6402P processor with HD 510 IGP ( why Intel chose to release this processor with this IGP is a mistery, as it is an odd choice ) a...
  3. QuinnEdenfield

    Resolution Stuck at 1024x768 El Capitan | Clover not Installing to Hard Drive | Unibeast

    Okay, so first of all I'm having problems with my resolution on my hackintosh. I'm dual booting Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan on a single drive. I used the unibeast method to install El Capitan on the hard drive. I'm using Clover for the bootloader. When I boot to OS X, the resolution is stuck...
  4. lukethedonkey

    Laggy, and says only 3 MB Display Graphics

    I managed to install OS X after some problems, but the maximum resolution I can set is 1024 x 768, and, in "About This Mac" it says I only have 3 MB display graphics memory. I actually have 2 Sapphire R9 290s, which each have 4 GB memory, so what's the problem here, and how can I fix it? Thanks,
  5. Toby39

    Need to change Monitor resolution back to 1920x1080

    Hi folks, I have read through some threads that most closely match what I'm looking for but haven't quite found a solution yet. I managed to get my Hackintosh working with Mavericks, with help from some moderators in the SL forum, and with help from the tools, iBoot Haswell, UniBeast and...