1. zbstudios

    (WORKING) OSX YOSEMITE 10.10 Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK, GTX 780ti, 16 GB 2100 MHZ, 4770k

    Hello Hackintosh enthusiasts , this time I will comment my experience of having installed the OS 10.10 0 or better known as YOSEMITE on a machine with the following features. MOTHERBOARD : BK - Z97X - UD5H GIGABYTE PROCESSOR : Intel i7 4770k MEMORY: 16GB Corsair DOMINATOR 2400MHz VIDEO ...
  2. Viking8

    Gigabyte GA-G41M Combo rev 1.3/1.4 - Fully working with Yosemite

    Hi everyone, I know this board is old, but I recently acquired one and immediately started trying to install Mavericks 10.9.5. Almost a week after starting this endeavor, Yosemite was released so I switched to that OS instead. Here are the specs for this build. CPU: intel Xeon E5450...
  3. Dennis121197

    OS X 10.10 Lenovo G700

    OS X 10.10 Lenovo G700 Can't boot Installer Hey guys. I wanted to upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite, but I've got some problems. When I was installing Mavericks I used Unibeast, but now i want to install Clover bootloader and can't get into the installer screen. My G700 is very similar to the...
  4. bro-a-palooza

    Clover hangs after clean install

    Hi, I installed Yosemite successfully with UniBeast. After that I installed Clover, because of the iMessage error and because of you guys who are saying its better. Everything went fine, I followed some Clover install instructions. But when I start my computer and Clover it hangs an the...
  5. hananias

    ga-z77x-ud3h Ethernet disconnects after a while on Yosemite 10.10

    After upgrading to Yosemite, after a while of using the internet, it just quits all of the sudden. Or it happens after I wake from sleep. There are no symptoms of anything wrong... just all of the sudden can't keep a connection. When I check iStats Menubar, the Network tabs shows...
  6. colonic11

    Updating to Yosemite on a RAID 0 Configured System

    Hey guys, if you're like me, you have been using Mavericks on a RAID 0 configuration. Now after hours of tinkering, here's what you should know to update to OS 10.10 Yosemite. Now obviously this all starts with a bootable USB flashdrive. The particulars of such should be already known. But...
  7. LordSidious

    Chimera 4.4.0 [PCI configuration begin]

    I've been using chimera and chameleon for over 3 years now. I was installing Yosemite last night with Unibeast. Installation was perfect with no boot flags or changes. Booted once from HDD using the usb-drive as boot loader with no problems Installed Multibeast with Chimera and on reboot...
  8. Person123

    Unibeast installer hang at [ PCI configuration end ]

    Hi, I decided to do a fresh install of Yosemite on my Zenbook UX31A laptop, and after setting up the unibeast installer and booting, I cannot get past [ PCI configuration end, bridges 3, devices 13 ]. Sometimes, I will get 2 lines from ApplePS2Controller, but nothing past that. With mavericks I...
  9. Kurtiso990

    Will this run OSx smoothly?

    So I'm buying my first computer and apples prices are way too steep. So I put these parts together and was hoping that it would run at Least mountain lion but if it ran 10.10 (Yosemite) that would be amazing! I will be ordering all if the parts for it on Thursday (August 21, 2014) so I would...
  10. Pankhil

    Laptop Lenovo S400

    hi I have Lenovo s400 with i3(1.4 GHZ)/4GB RAM/1 GB AMD HD 7000 Series... can i install mac os x 10.10 on my laptop... please help...!!!!!
  11. skiracingdude

    Building 1st Hackintosh, have compatibility question.

    I am building my first Hackintosh and I am wondering if this hardware will be compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite. CPU- i7 4770k MOBO- GA-Z97X-UD3H Graphics- Nvidia GTX 780ti (Gigabyte brand w/ ACX Cooler) Memory- G.Skill Trident X 8GB HDD- Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 3TB PSU- EVGA 850 watt...