1. Zukabak

    Yosemite no longer boots after GTX970 install

    Hi Folks.. You know when you just wished you'd left things alone?.. well that..haha Ok, I had (until this morning) a fully working Customac, using an nVidia GTX760. I've just upgraded to a GTX970(Haswell chip) as apparently these are now fully supported with the new nVidia webdrivers etc. As...
  2. Sumec99

    Gigabyte GA-z97x-Gaming 3 Hackintosh success !

    I've built myself a Mackintosh with this Hardware: Intel corre i5 4670k Gigabyte GA-z97x-Gaming 3 Samsung 840 Evo 120GB Seagate 1TB Desktop HDD Sapphire Radeon R9 280 (No x) ... And I hd some issues with the installation of Mac OS Yosemite, but I solved them all. I'm going to list these issues...
  3. HapticBovine

    Haunted by 0xdeadbeef

    Hey folks. I'm having some trouble with "0xdeadbeef". As some of you may know, the infamous "0xdeadbeef" is actually a marker used by some Unices to mark regions of memory as safe for allocation. That is, any memory region containing "0xdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeef..." is fair game. Any memory not...
  4. iLiamPatterson

    Hackintosh Trouble Booting (from Unibeast USB, Chimera Corrupted)

    Hi all, After using my hackintosh fine for over a year and a half, suddenly I'm plagued with the 0xdeadbeef Memory allocation error, Line 732. After searching around for answers, I saw that my Chimera bootloader may be corrupted. To attempt to fix this problem, I created a Unibeast USB with the...