1. freak4pc

    [SOLVED] Gainward nVidia 640 0mb VRAM + 1024x768 resolution

    Hey All, I've read the "Common Troubleshooting" thread but none of the suggestions helped, unfortunately :( I've also googled a bunch of various terms and all of them lead to needing to set Nvidia Inject to false. My current problems are 1. With Inject NVidia on - I get the correct card...
  2. floridabeachboy53

    nVidia 760 trouble-0mb ram and no Quartz Extreme/Transparency

    Howdy. This turned out to be a long post (I pasted the config files in at the end-in case someone could see the problem). I'll say; "Thanks (very much!) now, and let you read the post, and hopefully suggest a fix. Basic issue - nVidia 760GTX OC model shows up in system info with 0mb ram, and...